BOSTON (CBS) – Police have arrested a second suspect they say is connected to the theft of 9 puppies from a local animal shelter.

Officers say 22-year-old Jose Figueroa of Worcester was involved in the theft from Animal Shelter Inc. in Sterling.

Last Thursday, employees found a kennel door kicked in and several puppies missing.

At least seven of those puppies have been recovered.

Another Worcester resident, Sylvia Ortiz was arrested last week in connection.



Comments (2)
  1. karen s says:

    hopefully the law has some teeth in it. these lowlifes should face mandatory jail, and other punishments as well. these were not animal rescuers. there are ways to make them give up the names of their cohorts in crime, as well as the location of the missing puppies. hope the shelter can get a better security system.

  2. Sterling Shelter says:

    This guy also has a previous history of ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!

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