By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

What is the cost of a Tomahawk cruise missile?  – Mike, S. Wellfleet

The Tomahawk missile is one of the main weapons that U.S. and British forces are using agains Libyan air defenses.

According to the U.S. Navy, each missile costs about $600,000.  As of this writing 124 missiles have been fired at 20 targets in Libya.

That’s just one cost of enforcing the UN resolution.

What do you think of the United States getting involved with this?







Comments (4)
  1. ENUFF says:

    Please excuse this stupid question of which I already know the answer, is the UN going to re-imburse the US the cost of the missles and cost of fuel for navy ships and jets?

  2. CEO says:

    This is Libya’s civil war and we should’ve stayed out of it. Libya represents no threat to the U.S. or even its own neighbors. This is an internal issue that we should’ve kept our nose out of.

    There is some question as to whether Obama has violated the U.S. Constitution by ordering our troops into this mess. If so, IMPEACH HIM! Back in 2007 he was critical of the way Bush entered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and said he over-reached his authority. Well, guess what, he just did something even worse. Libya represents no danger to the U.S. Why are we there then?

  3. DStein says:

    Hey, we’re a little over a week into this Obama created debacle and it has already cost us half a billion dollars! Oh, and the rebels we’re supposedly helping are in full retreat as Kaddafi continues to stomp them and win this civil war. We have no business being involved in this..

  4. ENUFF says:

    Next step giving them weapons, then military advisors in a non-combat role,then advisors can fire only if fired upon, then ground troops in limited numbers. Sound familiar?

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