SALISBURY (CBS) – An 11-year-old Salisbury boy has been summonsed on a charge of assault and battery after police say he was bullying children on a school bus.

Authorities say the boy hit a smaller student with a backpack and slapped him leaving a hand impression on the younger boy’s face.

The boy reportedly has a history of bullying, and after this situation Salisbury police school resource officer Mike Alder was asked to assist in the investigation.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports.

The boy has been suspended of all bus privileges indefinitely.

“I’m happy the school took action, but felt really sad this child’s only 11 years old,” said Tamah French, the PTA president. “Kids need to know that here isn’t room for this and that there are consequences.”

French runs programs to teach parents about anti-bullying laws and how they protect students. Her second grader was bullied and she was happy about how the school handled it.

“I spoke with his teacher who dealt with the situation and had the child written up,” said French. “It showed us that he’ll be taken seriously and he will be safe at school.”

The school and the resource officer say they reported the bullying according to the state’s bullying law, which was enacted last year. Under the law schools must have plans on how they handle incidents of bullying, and all incidents must be reported to law enforcement.

“Looking at all the bullying that has been going on you’ve got to do something because the younger kids are seeing what the older kids are doing,” said Joey Heather Capozze, a PTA member.

Her daughter says she has been bullied before and knowing a student could face such serious charges means teachers are taking them seriously.

“If I do speak up I think it would stop happening,” said Capozze’s daughter, Bailey.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez contributed to this report.

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  1. Marie Newman says:

    Consequences, introspection and reflection must be part of the whole overall consequence protocol for schools when dealing with bullies.

    While, it is critical that bullies receive a consequence after a bullying incident, it is also important that the child be forced to introspect and understand the impact of his actions on his victim(s), himself and those around him.

    Just as importantly, if this child is a multiple time offender and has committed assault and battery, he should be charged. An 11-yr does understand right from wrong and this child chose the latter.

    My co-author and I explore this topic a few ways, in our book, “When Your Child Is Being Bullied; Real Solutions For Bullies.”

    Bravo to this school for taking action. This will help victims report more readily and will prevent other bullies from acting out. Bravo!

  2. CATHI says:


  3. jkraemer says:

    There are many definitions of bullying, some very complicated. A simple definition is that schoolplace bullying involves the repeated torment of a child by another child and sometimes including other children also tormenting the child. How much a bully understands the impact of his or her actions on a target depends on the level of bullying learned. Most resources to intervene in this anomaly ought to be committed to elementary schools before the behavior becomes a lifestyle. At some point the primary function to stop bullying becomes containment, bullying is not remedied by conflict resolution or mediation. The target needs the malbehavior to stop now and removing the bully from the target’s schoolplace environment achieves that result.

  4. Annomous says:

    However it doesn’t state in this post that the 11 year old is mentally challenged and has an IEP in school.

  5. bhooper says:

    This doesn’t sound like bullying to me. and are there any known cases of this boy getting into trouble in the past? and if the post above this is true, mentally challenged kids wouldn’t be harmful, and if they were they would be supervised. I think bailey just had nothing better to do and didn’t know that he would get into this much trouble. Accidents happen.

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