NEWTON (CBS) – Newton police released surveillance pictures on Thursday that shows the man they say shot up a jewelry store on Watertown Street.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports
Investigators say on Wednesday evening, the man fired at least eight shots through a glass door into Cristifori Jewelers. There were three workers inside at the time. None of them was hurt. 
Police say the gunman ran off through the neighborhood.

911 Call From Newton Shooting

The suspect is described as a white man, 5 foot 10 inches to six feet tall, and was wearing a hoodie with a jacket over it with writing on the back of the jacket.

Comments (8)
  1. aoka says:

    none of them *were* hurt

  2. sunny golf says:

    sorry but that does not look like a “white man”

  3. Cynic says:

    In Politicall correct Newton he is White.

  4. Cynic says:

    “Not One Of Them Was Hurt”?


    there is no way that is a white male, how do you male and these news reporters need to get there stories straight it was 8 shots not 8 rounds and they said it was a black sweat shirt but it looks green! there is something a little sketchy about all of this and what the guy at the jewelry store says…… i smell BullSht* sincerely a newton citizen!

  6. ktsue says:

    I think these security cameras can really skew colors, so it’s hard to tell what color his sweatshirt is or what color HE is for that matter. He’s clearly in a shadow. I work right around the corner from this place and we had helicopters overhead for hours yesterday.

  7. kasser says:

    Doesn’t get any more gangster than that. Discharge your firearm while holding your finger in one ear

  8. cynic says:

    Earlier I said that maybe he was angry because his Girlfriend dumped him and the store wouldn’t let him return the ring…. I thought that that was pretty funny.. Obviously BZ didn’t… They deleted it.

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