Milan Lucic spoke with Zo and Dan Roche about the recent performance of the Boston Bruins, the playoffs, head hits, Tyler Seguin, Claude Julien and the power play.

How important are these last few games before the playoffs?

The guys also discussed the health of this Bruins team as the playoffs near. Is Lucic looking forward to the playoffs?

They also talked about head hits and concussions in the NHL. Does Lucic think that the NHL is doing the right things to protect the players?

The guys then discussed Tyler Seguin and his recent performances. Is it time to see more of the young rookie?

Coaching was also a topic of conversation. What is Claude Julien’s system like and do the player believe in him?

The guys also talked about the struggles the team still seems to be having on the power play. What kind of things do they do in practice to try and have more success?


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