BOSTON (CBS) – Hazardous materials crews were cleaning up a diesel fuel spill at North Station on Friday morning.

Boston Fire confirmed that about 100 gallons of diesel leaked from a locomotive’s fuel line and onto the tracks.

The MBTA said that two tracks were shut down during the clean-up, but the spill was not causing any delays.

The cause of the fuel line break is under investigation.

Comments (5)
  1. Cynic says:

    100 gallons of grease and oil leak from Trains every day. Thousands of gallons from cars and trucks….

  2. Kevin Griffin says:

    Uh I see a ton of smoke from Financial District. Maybe it’s time for an update on this story.

    1. malden02148 says:

      that’s from the fire under the bridge near the community college

  3. Gene says:

    the fire was under the Gilmore Bridge closer to Cambridge than the college along the commuter rail tracks. It is possible that that leaked fuel from that train ignited along the track.

  4. Disealy says:

    Diseal fuel does not burn like regualr fuel so the fire under the bridge could not be from that spill.

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