By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

NANTUCKET (CBS) – The peace and quiet of Nantucket this time of year has been rattled by the murder of a 3-year old girl….and police say the murderer was her own mother, who allegedly told investigators she thought her daughter had been taken over by demons.

26-year old Dora Tejada is now undergoing psychiatric testing, off-island.

But WBZ-TV travelled to Nantucket today, to examine court documents.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports from Nantucket

Investigators wrote that , through an interpreter, when they questioned Tejada, she said, “I have a gift from God, that allows me to see the deceased”.

And when police questioned her further about how 3-year old Nicole died, Tejada replied,”I stuck a rose down Nicole’s throat, because God told me to. Because demons were inside her”.

But investigators believe what she actually shoved own the girl’s throat, was her fist.

Island residents couldn’t believe what happened. One woman said, “It’s sad, because the Salvadorans are such nice, hard-working people. And they’re very protective of their children.”

Bob Lehman is a painter, who has been working on St. Mary’s church, where Tejada often helped clean. “I don’t speak much spanish, but she would always wave to me and say hi. She seemed so sweet, and nice.”


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