BOSTON (CBS) – As Japan teeters on the edge of a nuclear disaster, Boston-area firms with employees and operations in the country are anxiously watching.

What are these Massachusetts companies with offices in Japan doing amid the crisis?

Lisa van der Pool from the Boston Business Journal reports.

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  1. Ann S. says:

    We all need to take a hard look at the events occurring in Japan and seriously ask ouselves; Do we really need to use such dangerous and impossible to control materials to sustain us? How is this sustaining us now? If all nations would take this opportunity to work together and find safer ways, starting with building a wall in a safe zone radius around the Fukushima power plant and filling it with water until someone can offer an answer as to how we can safely contain this emergency.

  2. emom says:

    I agree, with such dangerous material , I would so much rather use bio fuel, solar, wind and natural material as a fuel source, Solar is adundant and well hardly used, why Because the companies that have the products charge a fortune to even have them. Solar panels on every house would create a far better heat and electric source and require so little to maintain. And its a far cheaper source as well, there are states with land that can be utilitzed to create solar farms, I know arizona has some already but it is a small percentage. Wind of the coast lines have proven to be benificial yet again so many are opposed to it, Yet its proved to work and be a great energy source and the newset BIO fuel, to use the waste oil from fried foods is incredible, It has been purified and used as alternative fuel and therefore the waste is far less than before. saving the enviroment and utilizing a product of waste, just like compost,. But we sit and do nothing to make sure we can protect our futrure., Nuclear is so dangerous, this is the third disastor in decades and yet we still have not learned, WHEN WILL WE. WHEN ITS TO LATE, PLEASE I RATHER YOU LEARN NOW.

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