SANDWICH (CBS) – Plenty of adults use the Sandwich High School’s public swimming pool during the day. But soon, those people may need to find another place to swim.

The Schools’ superintendent Mary Ellen Johnson announced that adults will no longer be allowed to use the high school’s lockers and showers during school hours.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports

Johnson’s decision comes after some concerns about adults being naked in the same showers and locker rooms that students were using.

Of particular concern, adults participating in Sandwich Community School programs are not required to undergo any criminal background checks.

The move has been met with a lot of resistance.

Marie Kangas, who attended last night’s school committee meeting on the issue, says child safety is a top priority, but it doesn’t appear there was any consideration for a compromise.

“Locking the locker room doors and just allowing the patrons into the pool area and in the office area didn’t appear to be considered,” Kangas said.

Kangas is concerned the community school that runs the adult swimming program will take a severe financial hit.

The ban will be revisited next month.

Comments (13)
  1. SMD says:

    Why is this even debated? It’s unfortunate some folks might lose their place to swim, but is there really anybody out there that thinks the general public should be able to share the high school’s locker rooms and showers during school hours.

  2. tnpitgal says:

    I have never known adults; other than a disignated female or male Couches ever beening around my locker room or swimming pool area. NO PUBLIC. You want a swimming-pool? Go buy one. NO getting into High School swimming pools. What’s WRONG with these idiots?!

  3. FE Roberts says:

    These people have no0 business using the schools showers etc. m If they want to swimm, they should join a club got yheir swiimming.

  4. swimmer says:

    Who paid for these locker rooms and pool? Not the students. If the public pays for this facility with their taxes, and the students aren’t using it, why shouldn’t the people actually paying for it get to use it?

  5. Linda says:

    DUH to Swimmer, because the adults are in there WITH the kids!!! Do you want to be responsible when a child gets molested, I think not.

  6. Mr. Common Sense says:

    Uhhhh DUH Linda maybe having separate times for student and public or even putting a partition in would be a better idea, and who cares if the public and students are using the same showers? There high school kids, not babes who cant defend themselves. This is what makes kids in the US such pansies and the minute they turn 18 they arnt ready for the real world because everyone coddles them and thinks there so helpless and defenseless. I use to weight lift everyday in high school and share the locker rooms with adults for 4 years, and 40 years before that. Its called one row for students, the next for adults, and don’t look at each other and curtains do magic on showers. If they really go out of there way to molest someone in a crowded locker room, then they probably would do it anywhere they get the chance so I guess maybe keeps should be kept in a plastic bubble that’s shaded in black?

    1. Mr. Common Sense says:


  7. Mr. Common Sense says:

    Also a teacher is always in the locker room, which is more then I can say for a actual public pool where children go unattended every summer and use changing rooms all by themselves with…..strangers!!!!! OMG!

  8. Mr. Common Sense says:

    ITS TIME TO BAN POOLS, and GYMS and TANNING SALONS and the BEACH there all obviously just child molesters, we must keep the kids safe right? why don’t all the adults just lock themselves in jail so we know there safe? O that’s right, because they molest and rape each other too! guess kids are only safe, on a comet in space one per comet….but wait what about radiation…….

  9. Mrs SHUT UP says:

    MR Common Sense
    I am a SHS student and naked women are always in the locker room, using the lockers, showers, changin stalls, bathrooms, walking around naked, taking showers out in the open where everyone can see, and making a mess. I have seen a naked woman standind out in the open using a shower meant to use in your bathing suit to rinse off before entering the pool. No one wants to see some old woman whipping out the goods when we are trying to dress for gym. I understand SHS is a community school and needs to be shared, but its not like you want to be in your art class and have a woman taking fingerpainting right next to you. Get Your Own Space!!!! and just this week COACHES have been required to be in the locker room with their TEAM after school when suiting up for practice to avod hazing. Teachers are not in the locker room with us at all with the women. and P.s if your going to use sarcasm, get your facts striaght

    1. Mrs SHUT UP says:


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