WAYLAND (CBS) — The parents of a Wayland woman who is teaching in Japan are pleading for help to get their daughter home.

Alia Greenbaum has been in Japan for the last four years teaching language at an elementary school about 30 miles from hard hit Sendai.

Her parents say they have been getting no help from the U.S. embassy or consular services amid all of the chaos.

Greenbaum’s father, Stephen, tells WBZ that his daughter is in a rural area that has limited transportation.

The family is hoping by speaking out they will be able to get help.

Comments (3)
  1. Puuulleeezee says:

    Another incomplete story! Does the teacher want to come home or do her parents want her home? It doesn’t even say if they have talked to their daughter. What are the conditions in her current enviornment? Is she in danger? Is she still teaching or is school shut down? This story answers none of the questions that the average reader would what answered.

  2. Anna says:

    That’s the first thing i said , did they even get to talk to her. but i can understand why they would want their daughter home

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