KANSAS CITY, Kan. (CBS) — Two horses, whose owners live in Boston, have been stabbed in Kansas City, Kan.

It happened Tuesday night when someone snuck into the Due West Ranch and stabbed the animals, officials said. The barns were also vandalized, the gates were opened, and 40 other horses were let out of their stables. Feeding bins and saddles were tossed, tires to ranch equipment slashed, and it took several minutes to round up all the horses.

The horses were treated by a veterinarian at the ranch, but the extent of their injuries was not disclosed. Police are investigating the stabbings but have not released any details about a possible suspect.

Watch video from the scene in Kansas City

Ranch owner Bill Basler said the two horses are still alive but now the threat is the possibility of the wounds becoming infected.

At least four people live on the Due West Ranch, including trainers and the owner. But they said they didn’t hear anyone sneak into the barn and stab the animals.

Basler’s worried about the condition of the two horses used in shows and competitions. He’s also worried about his business. He’s looking into tighter security measures.


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