BOSTON (CBS) – Lemons are easy to find at grocery stores and farmer’s markets.

But choosing really fresh ones is another story.


Our fresh grocer, Tony Tantillo shows us how to squeeze the best lemons out of your supermarket.

Today, he’s talking lemon:

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  1. emom says:

    I love lemons, when I go an look for them I look for COLOR, LOOK, FEEL AND SMELL, the smell is very important to me, Also the weight of a lemon.. When I pick up a lemon and feel it, and give a gently squeeze I wait for that fresh lemon scent, To me that is a perfect lemon, Color , bright yellow, no green, brown, or dullness, and the firmness, as long as it is not to giving when squeezed its a good bet its going to be good, I also do the same with limes, both are my absolute favorites, and cant wait to start using some for the summer,
    I like this segment fo picking produce, Look forward to seeing other kinds of produce I may not have tried yet, A few hints, Papaya’s, coconuts, different squashes, maybe even throw in a few recipes,,, look forward to the next segment… LEMONAID ANY ONE<< |_|

  2. Cynic says:

    You can Find hundreds of them at any Used Car Dealer on the Lynnway.

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