BOSTON (CBS) – The construction industry in the Bay State has been hit hard during this economic downturn.

A new study found jobs are down 27 percent since 2007.

Does the industry has some plans for recovery?

Lisa van der Pool from the Boston Business Journal reports.

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  1. emom says:

    Is it a wonder the construction companies are suffering.. COME ON DO YOU NOT GET IT, to many folks can not afford these homes you all calll LOW PRICE..
    Really does anyone even think a home costing $250,000.00 is CHEAP, LOW PRICE REALLY I call that expensive, there is way to many of these homes going up across the country and well sadly are sitting in lots and not sold, When will the get a clue, when they end up on the auction blocks, Low income for those that cant afford is practicly non-existing.. Me personally might be able to afford a home around $150,000,00 and yes I have seen descent ones, with 2 bedrooms 5 rooms. but they are far and few around. Heck a trailer home is less money AH but there are not many of those either. So maybe the contractors should realize if they truely want to have sales start building homes many CAN AFFORD, most do not need high end shingles or siding, there are many good 30 year shingles that are not architect design.. If a new homeowner wants to upgrade they can save to do so, This is what I would do,.,. Who needs fancy oak, brass and beveled glass front doors with transom windows and sidelights on each side of the doors or roof windows, fancy appliances, and oak flooring, really extravagant,,,, pine flooring , energy effiant appliances, and great working furnance grass and a driveway and your good, doesnt have to be stick cheap but descant to live in for 30 years, before it needs upgrades. Do we truely really need homes costing over $250,000.00 do we. NO

  2. Sean Shawl says:

    The Massachusetts construction industry job growth has been struggling In recent years due to the economic downturn. I think it’s sad that the construction industry has been hit hard. I find it kind of depressing that Massachusetts Construction Jobs i, and around the country seem to be at a halt. Speaking as a construction worker, I have found that in this economy it can be difficult to find work. Luckily, I was turned onto Dodge Projects from another blog. They honestly are a truly valuable resource. They have detailed job listings, which are sorted by state, by project and by type, so that I can see what jobs are really perfect for me. I definitely recommend them.

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