Man Arrested At Logan For Impersonating Air Marshal

BOSTON (CBS) – A man has been arrested for impersonating a federal air marshal on a flight from Detroit to Boston.

The man falsely claimed to be associated with federal law enforcement, according to Delta officials.

It turns out there was a “real” air marshal on board Delta Flight 1922, who helped detain the man.

WBZ-TV’s Diana Perez reports from Logan Airport 

The man was arrested when the plane landed safely at around 11:55 a.m.

As of Tuesday evening, the impersonator, who has not been identified, was facing state charges for interfering with a flight crew.

He was released from custody and summonsed to court, but could still face federal charges. A federal conviction could land him in prison for up to three years.

The TSA did release a statement about the arrest:

“A federal air marshal intervened and detained a passenger on board Delta flight 1922 (Detroit to Boston) today after he was overheard falsely identifying himself to another passenger as a member of the federal air marshal service.  The plane landed safely at Logan Airport 11:35am and was met by law enforcement and TSA. The individual is in law enforcement custody and the matter is currently under investigation.”

  • Cynic

    Doesn’t he have to try to carry out an act of the Office to be impersonating? I could claim to be the Governot Of Massachusetts but unless I try to raise Taxes……..Well…You know…..

  • ted

    One Question: What’s his NAME?

  • dismissed

    any decent attorney should get that dismissed because and did pose an act on anybody

    • dismissed

      he did not pose an act of law on somebody

  • witness

    I was sitting in front of him on the plane. I really think that he was just trying to impress the girl next to him. The problem is, when the attendant asked for his badge, he pretended to look for it. They probably would have let him off if he had admitted to the attendant that he was just trying to hit on the pretty girl sitting next to him…

  • Lori

    They need to clarify how they write things. The article says he wasn’t identified yet he was released and summonsed to court. Obviously they meant he wasn’t identified to the public (maybe even the media) but they should clarify that.

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