BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Medical Center says it will cut a number of jobs this spring.

The hospital is continuing to lose money, and it says it is not getting as much payment from private insurers and government programs as it used to.

On Tuesday, Fidelity announced that they are moving 1,100 jobs out of Massachusetts and into New Hampshire and Rhode Island, citing similar issues in the Bay State.

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Comments (4)
  1. Warren says:

    Another institution with too many inefficient staff and systems, and a Union (1199) that will bust the hospital and its bank account.

    Come on Wisconsin! Bust these Unions!

    1. MEF says:

      The Unions are the patients only hope. Unless you work in the institution, you have no clue. This is at many facilities and is very sad.

  2. DStein says:

    Massachusetts…..where it all began. The destruction of America that is. High tax, high regulatory interference states like Massachusetts is what is pushing jobs to other states and overseas.

    Deval Patrick must be so proud. While he’s worrying about how to beef up welfare programs and soften law enforcement to attract more and more illegal immigrants, the people and jobs that pay for all that stuff are leaving town!

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