MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) — Nine-year-old Christopher Duffley of Manchester, N.H. walks by faith and not by sight. He’s blind.

“Because I was born blind,” Duffley said.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Duffley, who is also autistic, was also born with an incredible gift to sing. He plays for hours on his home piano.

“God gave me excellent hearing, excellent hearing. And I sing well too,” Duffley said.

His gift of singing has put him in front of large crowds to sing the National Anthem.

You can hear him sing on YouTube and his family has created a Facebook fan page.

“I sang at the Verizon Wireless Arena,” Duffley shouted. His adopted family has very strong faith and credit God for giving them to strength to endure an extremely tough situation.

“Basically he’s a miracle child. That’s the bottom line. Both of his parents were using drugs,” Christine Duffley said.

Christopher has only been playing the piano for three years. Now he plays in stadiums.

“No, I never get nervous. My favorite subject in school is music. I love music,” Duffley said.

He practices all the time and has two music teachers. “I tell him he’s not autistic but artistic,” his father Steve says.

One of his favorite songs to play is Your Grace Is Enough.

“We have been blessed, even with blindness and autism,” Christine said.

Comments (12)
  1. Chris Money says:

    Sweet but i doubt he’ll be replacing Rene Rancourt anytime soon :)

  2. Peter Cordeiro says:

    What a talented youn boy. Beautiful voice, great story !!

  3. Mary, Dover NH says:

    Chris, I am going to hold back with all restraint my reply to you.
    Christopher is a miracle and a testament to the gift of life..from conception to death. God’s grace is evident in what this boy with many challenges has been able to accomplish. Go Christopher..we will see you replacing Christina Aquilara at the next Super Bowl..

    1. Chris Money says:

      my bad, I apologize.

  4. marie byrne says:

    what an inspiration this boy is for all of us, yes every life is valuable from conception to death, his life is a living example for everyone

  5. Sheree Rau says:

    a sweet angel

  6. allison says:

    beautiful child with an incredible voice

  7. Karen Salhaney says:

    Fantastic job Christopher and big special Congratulations to your Mom & Dad who are helping you and the world realize that we are all people with ability!
    I would love Christopher to sing at Triangle’s ( 40th Annual Celebration – Thousand Ripples Gala on Saturday, April 16th at the Renaissance Waterfront Hotel in Boston so he can share his grace and talent with our guests. Best, Karen, Director of Events for Triangle

    1. Mary D says:

      Karen I made sure Christopher’s mom got your message. Thanks for thinking of him..he is a unique boy with many talents. Blessings

  8. Z.M says:

    God’s gifts come in many beautiful packages!

  9. Ophelia says:

    My heart just overflows with the Joy of the Lord through him, God is so good!! a true blessing.

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