BOSTON (AP) — The fishing ports of Gloucester and New Bedford will make their case in federal court that key parts of new fishing regulations are illegal and should be struck down.

The lawsuit against federal regulators was filed in May, after rules went into effect that saw most of the fleet separate into
groups, or “sectors,” that divide an allotted catch.

The idea behind the new system is to give fishermen more autonomy and flexibility, but many small-boat fishermen say their allotments are so low they can’t make a living.

The suit argues that certain groups were favored when regulators devised the formula to determine catch allotments.

They also say the overly strict measures are illegal in a fishery that is “substantially rebuilt.”

The government has denied the allegations.

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  2. Frank Haggerty says:

    Last July the Governor of Massachusetts and former governor of Rhode Island signed a MOU, memorandum of understanding. The MOU commits both states to collaborating on offshore wind in a 400 square miles area. The location is 12 miles southwest of Martha’s Vineyard and extending 20 miles west into Rhode Island Sound.

    This location is in addition to the 3000 square mile area leased to the ocean wind projects for Nantucket Sound. The state MOU covers future offshore wind development in waters close to or within the state boundaries.

    There has never been any public comment on this 400 square mile area or if fishermen will be allowed to fish in either the 3000 square mile federal location or the 400 square mile area designated in the MOU .

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