MEDFORD (CBS) – MassDOT is preparing a project to replace 14 deteriorated bridges on I93 in Medford and other areas.

Crews began their preparatory work on Monday night in Medford. They will be building temporary median crossovers at the northern and southern limits of the project.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Smith reports.

Major construction on the bridges is planned for weekends between June through August. Crews plan to restore one bridge per weekend during the stretch, except for July 4th.

The crossovers will be used during the majority of those weekends to allow the bridge replacement activities to occur.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports.

The Patrick-Murray Administration’s historic Accelerated Bridge Program is funding the $98.1 million project.

MassDOT is encouraging drivers to allow extra time for their trips.

Closures from MassDOT for prep work:

Route I93 Northbound –

• Monday evening, March 14th through Thursday morning, March 17th – The left lane will be closed between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. in the area beyond Exit 29 (Routes 28/38) near the Somerville/Medford line.

• Thursday evening, March 17th through Saturday morning, March 19th – The left lane will be closed between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. in the area beyond Exit 33 (Route 28) near the Medford/Stoneham line.

Route I-93 Southbound –

• Monday evening, March 14 through Wednesday morning, March 16 – The left lane will be closed between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. in the area beyond Exit 30 (Route 38) near the Medford/Somerville line.

• Wednesday evening, March 16 through Saturday morning, March 19 – The left lane will be closed between 8:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. in the area near Exit 30 (Route 38) near the Medford/Somerville line. A second left lane will be closed on these evenings in this same area between 9:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

Comments (11)
  1. Warren says:

    It’s about time the faceless bureaucrat who heads the Mass DOT has done something for the safety of the Commonwealth’s motorists. Where has she been for the past six months? Obviously not at the places that the Working Joe’s travel. And forget about the useless State Police; someone may think safety was in their mission, but when was the last time that they reported craters opening up on roadways in the Greater Boston Region and endangering the public? Oh I forgot, if your a member of the Command Staff at Troop F, you ride in the lap of luxury to and from work in a brand new state SUV (or the false assumption that your somewhere to be found when trouble breaks loose and available to respond (at what cost to the people of the Commonwealth)). Hey Globe, there’s be no recent follow-up on the Major of Troop F’s outlandish spending of those SUV’s for his Emperors. For the behaviors of these thugs we pay taxes. Could this (MSP) Colonel have possibly empowered her the Commanding Officer;s of the MSP Troops to spend money under their control without controls and accountability.

    1. roadbowler says:

      The way you’re talking about them, Warren, shouldn’t you be calling them the F Troop???

  2. Tim says:

    Looks like plenty of new details for the state police! plenty of OT for them. I can guarantee they will have 4 cops working details for each of these bridge projects. god forbid they get out there to try to make the roads safer and run some speed traps or dwi checkpoints.

  3. Stuart Isveck says:

    in this tight ficsall climate , how about saving some badly needed $$$ for the state & put civilian flaggers on I 93 this summer at the bridge work . the regular cops get too much $$$ for detail pay the state does not have . wake up for once !!!

  4. Dr. Dan says:

    Why would you want speed traps. There is no way that our city highway speed limit should be 45-55mph. That’s normal street speed. stupid laws

  5. Dr. Dan says:

    And really. Just give a smart civilian a blinking blue light and let the people make some of that tax money back, rather then paying police overtime.

  6. hackwannabe says:

    This summer? You are kidding right? This is definitely a 3-5 year project.
    Nevada makes them on the side of the road, then lifts them into place overnight when they are completed.

  7. emom says:

    OK does anyone thing this will backfire,, are they serious, a bridge a weekend.. thats worring to think that that is even possible. I drive over a bridge that is over rte 3 in hanover and its beening worked on for over 2 years I swear they come out at night do a few things and then hide, its like nothing gets done.
    so what makes this progject going to work, will we hear of problems, overages, needing more time to complete, will accidents happen, will it be safe. we have had to many problems with our roads and the careless shody work and many accidents because of it. A BRIDGE EVERY WEEKEND,, ARE THEY INSANE…

    1. Matthew says:

      This project is not like that one. In that project they are replacing half of the bridge at a time. In this project they will be closing each bridge which is much easier to replace when you dont have to wory about traffic. Also on the Route 3 project they are rebuilding the piers and abutments, placing beams, pouring decks. This project the abutments dont need to be replaced, the beams and deck are precast built at a factory and then shipped in by truck. It can be done and it will be great to watch this project this Summer. Also the contractor will face a fine of $10,000 per day if the company misses the September 1st completion date or 5AM Monday Opening.

  8. JCavanaugh says:

    Hey Tim, Call your legislator and remind them they haven’t put any additional state police on the road in 5 years, civillian flaggers can cost the state more money than police. They can act often times as additional patrols when other police are tied up with calls.
    People complain about overtime expense with the police….when they’re so short-handed who do you expect to fill those shifts? This creates more expense, I guess it’s not okay to have officers work countless hours and then not be rewarded financially..yeah that makes sense.

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