Former NFL offensive lineman Pete Kendall joined the Felger & Massarotti to discuss the latest on the NFL labor negotiations. The guys discussed why the players want or need to the books and why what the owners have offered isn’t sufficient.

They also talked about the owners requesting more money for operating expenses. Since Friday it seems that the public sentiment has swung over to the owners’ side, what did Pete have to say about that?

Pete Kendall also filled the guys in on some of the tonality of these conversations over the past few weeks? How are the New England Patriots viewed in this process?

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  1. Ray Paquet says:

    As I listen to your broadcast, what I don’t understand is why you think the players should dictate how the owners should run their business. These businesses are private (except GB) and as such are not required to open their books publicly.

    I would not imagine that the SportsHub shows you their books when negotiate your contract.

    And, the economic recession we are moving out of was not anticipated in the previous NFLPA contract. As such, the owners, in all likelihood, planned on certain revenues and profits during this period that were not entirely there. This is probably their primary reason for re-opening the contract – to increase their profits to where they thought they would be prior to the recent economic issues.

    Having said that, I agree the players should stay with the status quo (except rookie wage scale). The owners take the economic risk as part of their business. But, i would not push for opening the books as it will embarass your employer – un-necessary – just show me the money.


  2. Vincent says:

    Not to play semantics, but there is a difference between democratic and liberal sensibilities and unions are not necessarily liberal. The argument that owners are merely exercising American capitalism is to suggest that the players don’t have a right to protect their right to fair compensation, especially given they are the product that justifies those big TV deals. Ultimately Felger is right.

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