BOSTON (AP) – The Governor’s Council is set to begin hearings on Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s nominees to the embattled state parole board.

The seven-member board has been in turmoil since the December shooting death of Woburn police officer John Maguire. In January, Patrick accepted the resignations of five board members who voted in 2008 to parole Dominic Cinelli, the career criminal who authorities say shot Maguire during a botched jewelry store heist.

Patrick has named former prosecutor Josh Wall to chair the board and nominated four others to round out the panel.

The council will interview Ina Howard-Hogan, the parole board’s general counsel, on Monday. Forensic psychologist Charlene Bonner and victim advocate Lucy Soto-Abbe will be interviewed Wednesday. Former chief federal probation officer John Bocon will be interviewed later this month.

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