QUINCY (CBS) – The Boston Marathon is just five weeks away.

Saturday night in Quincy, marathon director Dave McGillivray, and others were on hand for a silent auction charity event to benefit the DMSE Children’s Fitness Foundation.

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McGillivray says the race has changed over the years.

Watch video:

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“Well, years ago it was more about competition, and people really were competing against each other, and now it’s all about participation. The walls of intimidation have crumbled, and people are believing in themselves, and there’s having the guts to make the commitment, earn the right, do the homework, and compete in these events, and go home feeling good about themselves. That’s what it’s all about now,” said McGillivray.

WBZ-TV is the only local station with live wire-to-wire coverage of the 2011 Boston Marathon on Monday, April 18th.

  1. blackbear1 says:

    This is all fine, well and good. But please do not take the competetiveness out of the Elite Runners level. As just an “Average Joe” type runner who managed to very happily run two Boston Marathons with my Son, I never want to stop rooting for top Americans. I want to see them back in the win column. I’m tired of seeing foreign runners win(no offense,but..). Look what has happened with all the exemptions for charities, etc. This is well intentioned, but we are loosing our competitive edge!! After all, the quallifying standards are high and difficult, so let’s put them to good use. Prize money is involved, so GO USA. There is a large legacy, lets return to the days of Bill Rogers and the BAC and from there to the Olympics. Win Baby Win..

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