QUINCY (AP) – Massachusetts state police have released the name of a trooper injured in a crash caused by an alleged drunken driver on Interstate 93 in Quincy.

Authorities say 43-year-old Trooper Brian Berry of the Milton barracks remains at Boston Medical Center on Sunday in stable condition with leg injuries.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Kim Tunnicliffe reports.

Authorities say Berry stopped a vehicle on I-93 northbound near Exit 9 shortly before 5 a.m. Sunday and was outside his cruiser when another car crashed into the cruiser, which struck Berry.

The driver of the car that struck the cruiser, 40-year-old Wayne Leduc of Milton, was charged with operating under the influence of liquor and other crimes. He’s being held on bail and is expected to be arraigned Monday at Quincy District Court. It’s not clear if he has a lawyer.

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Comments (19)
  1. Dennis Chick says:

    Why are they always so afraid to release the name of the driver in incidents like this one?

    1. kasser says:

      Innocent until proven guilty – as silly as it may be in this case, but innocent until proven guilty

  2. Cynic says:

    I find it hard to believe that there are thousands of drunk drivers on the road at 5AM just driving around looking for State Troopers to run over.
    These cases are always reported as another drunk driver but the result of the Court process is never reported.They could ALL be found not Guilty or the Clerk could deny the Complaint for all we know.
    The Police can CHARGE anyone with anything.
    I would wonder if The Troopers might not look at the posibility of a safer way to do their job.
    Does the way they operate create a hazzard?Who knows!

  3. cynichater says:

    I have an idea if there is a problem with police getting run over then dont pull anyone over and then that would make for a perfect worlk eh cynic. obviously the guy was boozin or they would not have charged him. Oh I know maybe he had mouthwash before he left the house.

    1. Cynic says:

      Would you acknowledge there might be a better way?

  4. Mark says:

    Ever notice how it’s never the cops fault? They crash, hit poles… It’s always the other persons fault. Ever notice them in traffic driving like lunatics? Ever notice the speeds they drive? Bout time the cops started to obey the laws. Now they even have bumperstickers on their private cars and those of family and special friends. I am sure you have seen them. Two blue stripes sandwiching a black stripe.

    1. Rule follower says:

      Mark-You are an Idiot!!! Unless the cop has a death wish I don’t think they would want to drive and crash his car. The police are usually going after an idiot who fails to use his or her head. What’s the matter…..do you want a sticker for your car? Let me tell you….Most Troopers pull over cars with those stickers….Troopers don’t want those or need them on their cars……They work like a bulls-eye!! We can get you one if you want one!!! Stop whining and follow the laws!!!

  5. Charlie says:

    The police r to strict, the problem is they treat the bad and the good all the same in every pull over or anything, here there’s never any descretion they arrest and ask questions after, I’ve never done any drugs in my life but I have been searched 3 yes 3 times for what I don’t know, after wasting my time for an hr, he says here’s a speeding ticket for 60.00 going 53 in a 45, seriously!! It’s crazy

    1. mark says:

      coming back from vacation landed at Logan my daughter was there to pick us up late night she was parked were the trooper did not like so he gave her a really hard time. took her drivers license an said go get your parents when we went back an I asked what was happening HE said YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME Ill arrest you right now than he gave my daughter a ticket the ticket will cost my daughter over $1,300 over the next year THEY have way to much power. well I end this with until I read about that trooper at Logan getting run over all the rest we be second best. can,t wait to have a party for the one at Logan. PS the right to free.speach its GREAT just sharing good times at Logan

    2. Cynic says:

      Charlie…What is your race? Age? What kind of a car do you drive?

      1. Cynic says:

        Charlie.. Once The Trooper learns that you are properly licensed and your vehile is leaglly registered He can no longer detain you. He can’t search you car without probably cause. On man sued for false detention and won on just these grounds.

    3. ATrooperswife says:

      Are you really thinking clearly or are you one of those who drives after drinking or maybe drive while texting or one who doesn’t follow those rules/laws you just don’t like? I am the wife of a State Trooper and I know very well what can happen to the officer during any night while he is working. The Move over law is for EVERYONE to follow…..but the Trooper who has stopped someone or is helping someone who was stopped on the side of the road takes all the precautions they can to protect the stopped car as well as themselves. Who knows why this Trooper was stopped with the driver but it certainly doesn’t matter. When another driver comes along and plows into them because they were doing something wrong like driving while drunk or speeding (like you seem to do) or Texting or maybe just not following the MOVE OVER LAW…..why should the Trooper have to be nice to them??? Their life is worth a lot especially to their wives and families. They are making sure idiots like you who don’t pay their tickets, renew their drivers licenses or register their cars are safe just as well as the rest of the law abiding public. Seriously….who says YOU won’t be the next one to hit a Trooper while speeding??? I hope they keep you overnight the next time!!! You have no clue what they are up against on a daily basis just to keep the streets safe for idiots like you to drive!!! Slow down and use your head!!

      1. Cynic says:

        They also do horrible things to people like pull them out of a car and beat them to death at a “Sobriety Checkpoint”…..or when their son is drunk and Rioting on Symphony Road they see to it that the Man that thier son terrified goes to prison because he was afraid thier Drunken son was going to kill him…These Guardians of the Morals and the saviors of society also do little thing like take a Woman out of a Parked car in Cambridge and take her to the MDC Garage and Rape her….We go along with the good they do….Just have them stop the rest.

  6. Cynic says:

    One morning as I entered the Exway off Granite Ave in East Milton I saw A Statie in the Right Hand Lane.No problem,I had plenty of room to pull in in front of him.
    As was my habit I stayed in the breakdown Lane. His Toplights came on I pulled over,he came up to me screaming about driving in the Breakdown lane. I pointed out that it was 6:05 AM and therefore legal. The Bast..d turned his watch back and gave me a ticket. He also said I was Speeding and gave me another.
    I appaelsd them and the Clerk in Quincy threw them out…..CA-Ca Head !!!

  7. Concerned says:

    1) Where was the “Slow down, move over” law here?

    2) Charlie, if you were honestly given a ticket for going 53 in a 45 mph zone, you should have gotten more than $60.00

    1. Cynic says:

      Probably depends on when he got the ticket… It used to be a flat $50.00,..Tnen is was $50.00,+so much for each MPH over the limit… Now it starts at $100.00 and $10.00 a MPH after ten miles over.This doesn’t include the Insurance companies take that adds hundreds more.

  8. Wizard says:

    Flashing blue lights attract drunks.
    Any kind of blue lights.
    This is a known physiological fact.
    Put a cement pier alongside the road and count the drunks that run into it and into each other.
    Like a mosquito magnet…

  9. edwal says:

    well quincy court will allow him out on low or no bail and he will be out drunk driving again

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