BOSTON (CBS) – A fire tore through a triple decker in the Mission Hill section of Boston Sunday morning, leaving several people homeless.

Four people lived on the top floor of the home on Hillside Street. One was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, but the Boston Fire Department said nobody was badly hurt.

The bottom two units were empty.

The fire department said the cause of the blaze was a cigarette that wasn’t put out properly.

The damage was estimated at $300,000, according to the fire department’s Twitter account.

Comments (2)
  1. strider says:

    I saw the flames from my work window. Scary!

  2. Mission Hill Resident says:

    There are a lot of illegal apartments in this area, and there were some illegal basement apartments and possibly others that were involved with this fire. Please investigate this if you are able to do so. Officers don’t know to look for people they don’t know are there. Boston Housing Inspection really must exercise a stronger hand to put an end to this.

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