BOSTON (CBS) – More than 20,000 gamers are descending on the city of Boston for three days this weekend.

The Convention Center in South Boston is hosting the PAX East Convention, where companies show off the very latest in video and tabletop games.

WBZ-TV Chief Videographer Bryan Foley filed this report

On the video game side of things, attendees have the chance to try out everything from war games to sports games.

Jay Hohan helped create the newest version of Invictus. He says they don’t worry too much about new computer technology leaping past them.

Photo Gallery: Inside Pax East 2011


“I think the creativity comes first and the technology follows,” Hohan told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Mark Katic reports from the PAX East Convention

Tabletop, or board games have expanded way past Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit.

Jim Miles of Mayfair Games says they are holding their own against video games.

“We’re doing fantastic. Obviously our biggest seller is Settlers of Catan and that’s booming. Everybody recognizes that,” said Miles.


Comments (4)
  1. Mark Katic says:

    Yes, I”m tooting my own horn. This is one of the reports I filed today from Pax East, the big gaming convention. I spent most of the day there and it made for an easy and fun day.

  2. Michael E. Harvey says:

    Please note: This event is sold out, unless you have already paid for a ticket do not go. I am speaking as the person who will turn you away if you do come without a ticket.

    1. BobinSeattle says:

      Howdy Enforcer. And thank you for your service.

      I flew my son there (b-day present from Dad) from Seattle.
      He too is an Enforcer. He’s also a Michael, but will probabnly go by ‘Avian’.

      Can you expound on the crowd numbers? I’ve read/heard 20k – 60k. That seems like a huge difference..

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