Foxboro Businesses Would Take Hit If There’s No 2011 NFL Season

FOXBORO (CBS) – Patriots fans are not the only people who would be disappointed if there is no football this season. Businesses up and down Route One would feel the loss of a season on their bottom lines.

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Route 1 Liquors has been in business longer than the Pats have called this area home.

WBZ-TV’s Jim Armstrong reports.

And while the owners say a lost season would not be catastrophic, they acknowledge that they would notice the loss in business.

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A lot of stores in the area also collect hefty fees from fans who use their parking lots on game days. That revenue might dry up as well.

  • Dennis Chick

    How about the bookies? They would really take a hit.

  • Charlie

    Who cares, about everything else, just play

  • Cynic

    I hope that DUHval doesn’t get the bright idea to Bail out his Friend Mr.Craft with our Money.

  • timma

    maybe the 200.00 drunk fines can make up the revenue

  • dumbfounded

    oh please give it up – no NFL season, do you have any idea how much owners will be loosing – it will never happen, further the fans are to stupid to let it happen anyway, they will pay what ever price is charged, want reasonable prices, first game no one goes

  • emom

    Why is there so much darn greed why do they feel the need to make us suffer all beacuse of their greed,,,,,,,, So glad I never go to the games, not worth it at all.

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