A lot of the talk stemming from the Montreal CanadiensBoston Bruins game wasn’t about the game itself. A lot of opinion, hyperbole and conjecture about Zdeno Chara‘s hit on Max Pacioretty that drove the young Canadien into the stanchion. Did Chara know where he was on the ice when the hit occurred? Did he intend for Pacioretty to collide with the stanchion? What was the intent? Gresh & Zo debate.

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  1. freddy z says:

    No intent to injure in my opinion, just an unfortunate place on the ice for it to happen. A foot either way and he’s dumped into the Boston bench and we’ve all seen this time and again. A suspension might be a blessing in disguise with Chara, a rest could be in order for him. He looks tired and again in my opinion for stretches of time this season has looked very ordinary to me. needs to step up his intensity and production if this team has any shot down the road.

    1. B's Fan says:

      I agree Freddy Chara had no intent it was just an unfortunate accident….

  2. Saddened in Ottawa says:

    Chara had every opportunity to avoid the severitty of the impact. Look at the still photo of the moment of impact and I ask you to be honest about whether or not Chara meant to ride him into the stantion. Look at the footage and see how much time Chara had between initial contact and the push into the stantion. Also keep in mind that the puck had long since left Pacioretty’s possession. Lastly, look at Chara’s head -up and facing forward the whole time – he knew where he was. Chara is a class act who did a classless thing – he was lucky Pacioretty isn’t dead and that he only has a broken neck. Pacioretty isn’t so lucky. I saw it in real time and was horrified. As he lay there, I honestly wondered if he was dead. Chara had ample opportunity to avoid the situation – much more than the vast majority of such cases in the NHL.

    My belief is that Chara didn’t mean to seriously injure Pacioretty but he did mean to hurt him.

  3. Jim Riolo says:

    Hockey Is not a level playing field! For all of us who think that Zedeno Chara’s hit on Montreal’s player Pacioretty was an intent to injure is not true. Chara’s hit was not an illegal hit although it was interference. It was for all intents and purposes a freakish accident and I’m sure Chara feels bad about it. Nobody in the N.H.L wants to seriously injure and end someones career. The fact of the matter is that Zedeno Chara is a monster of a man and hitting anyone for a guy his size is like hitting a bug on a windshield! The game is not a level playing field. Lets face it ,men of all sizes play in the N.H.L so it is not like Boxing or M.M.A where you have divisional weights that don’t allow someone to be devastated by a much larger opponent unless you get into the heavyweight division and then you are on your own. Guys like Chara should be banned from playing in the N.H.L simply beacause he is a lethal weapon of just being too large….I sure as hell would not want to be cleanly checked into the boards by him, would you!

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