Felger & Massarotti were joined in studio by Jermaine Wiggins to discuss the Boston Bruins loss last night and Zdeno Chara‘s hit on Max Pacioretty.

What were Chara’s intentions? Was it a dirty hit or was it a just a hit with a bad outcome? Did Chara know his surroundings?

Chara isn’t known as a dirty player. Will his clean track record save him from a suspension?

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  1. Jim D says:

    Hey Guys – wheather Chara was suspended or not Montreal will or would have made runs at him next time they meet, doesn’t matter if he got suspended they will run Chara. Am I right ??

  2. John Flyer says:

    LOL at how the hits by Hartnell on Alberts and the Jones hit on Bergeron were all suspendable offenses but Chara was not. Hgypocritcal? I think so.

  3. Shuan says:

    As much as I love Chara, it was pretty dirty. We got embarrassed last night!

  4. jay says:

    If Max went down to block a shot during a PK and Chara tee’d up a slapper into his neck with the same effect, does it matter intent? It is a risky, dangerous hockey play involving 2 players who know exactly what they are doing and equally bear responsibility. Gionta would have dumped an run, he’s a wiser player. 95% of NHL players heads fall between Chara’s shoulder and elbow height. How many nasty elbow or shoulder hits does he throw? He could be the dirtiest player in the league with his size and conditioning. Reality is quite the opposite.

  5. Spinney says:

    Wow, Mazz and Felger, start backtracking. Completely wrong on the Chara call. One hundred percent wrong. No suspension, no intention. He’s a big man, Patch new where he was and continued trying to get around Chara.

    Mazz you sound ridiculous saying, I regret not calling out Lucic. Please, this is a standard part of the game that we only condemn when someone gets hurt. It’s lame and sensationalist. Go watch baseball if you don’t want injuries. Last word: Those guys know the rink that’s as much on Chara as it is on Patch. Watch him try to push past Chara like the stanchion wasn’t coming up.

  6. rickyd59 says:

    Chara, one of the strongest guys in the league yet hits or should I say pushes like a little school girl. All year long you see if go in the corner like he won’t come out. Maybe he is looking over his shoulder for the choo choo train…. unfortunate spot where Patch was because Chara doesn’t like to hit

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