By Ken Tucci, WBZ-TV

Why is it taking so long to repair the Neponset River Bridge when it is a very major route to Boston from the South Shore?  Is it politics, revenue?  It has been a very, very long time (2 yrs plus??) and although I see workers there, not much has changed.  – Kerry, Hingham

I asked the state’s Dept. of Transportation about this project.  And even though it might seem like work has been going on for more than 2 years, it’s actually been a little over 1 year.  It just seems like forever for drivers who have to navigate the area.   And….the bad news….it’s a three and a half year project.

Why does it take so long?  Well the DOT says it’s a major project, a full rehab of the old Neponset River Bridge, and they’re doing the work while keeping some of the lanes open.

The only good news I can give you is that the project is on-schedule and on-budget so far.

It always seems like thesse things take ages to finish.  What’s the worst construction project you have to navigate right now?

Comments (5)
  1. taxedout says:

    Thousands of people out of work, and this is a 3 year project??? Give 500 guys a 100 dollars a day and it will be done in a week…

  2. 1stackmack says:

    Its amazing to thick that everyone doesn’t realise that some projects take time.

  3. taxedout says:

    It’s Amazing to think how long and over budget these project take. Sit in traffic for a couple of years at these sites and you’ll know what we mean!!!

  4. response says:

    It would be done one time, if there was a line item in the contract if it’s not completed on time, the companies would be charged 10% of the project.

    taxedout – it doesn’t matter if there are thousands out of work, these are all union jobs. Time for the state to get rid of pervailing wages.

  5. taxedout says:

    response: I’m with you 1000%

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