BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Bruins general manager Peter Chiarelli does not think captain Zdeno Chara should be suspended for his hit on the Canadiens Max Pacioretty, calling it a “strong hockey play.”

“I think it was a hockey play,” Chiarelli told 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich Tuesday morning. “I’ve heard some people suggest he should have been aware of the stanchion, waited, and then rubbed him out.”

“Players are aware of the stanchion, some players try to drive guys in. I know Z’s not that type of player.”

Listen: T &R: Chiarelli On Chara’s Hit On Pacioretty

Pacioretty was hospitalized after being checked into the glass headfirst by Chara late in the second period of Montreal’s 4-1 victory Tuesday night.

“What Z told me was he felt that Pacioretty tried to squeeze beside him and went sideways, when he did, his momentum and Z’s momentum pushed him into the stanchion. It’s unfortunate and I heard (Pacioretty) was hurt and is feeling better and recovering. But I think it was a strong hockey play.”

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Chiarelli did say he feels players should be suspended when there is intent to drive a player into the stanchion.

Chara has a phone hearing scheduled for Wednesday afternoon with league officials where he will state his side of the hit. Mike Murphy from the NHL‘s hockey operations will be in on the call, along with Chara’s agent, a union representative, and Chiarelli.

Chiarelli does not think Chara will be suspended, but is not sure if the NHL feels the same way.

“I hope not, I really feel strongly about my opinion on it,” Chiarelli said. “The plays happen throughout. Sometimes stuff happens, bad luck.”

Comments (32)
  1. Bill Murray says:

    He shouldn’t have even gotten a penalty.
    If there was a sheet of glass there it wouldn’t even have slowed the hab down.
    I think he got the game match penalty for his own protection because the rabid fans would have been screeming for his head and that thug Montreal brought up for the game would have happily obligded.

    1. Bob says:

      What thug? Montreal didn’t bring anyone up and they don’t have a thug in the lineup….

      1. Nancy says:

        They brought up a guy named White as their thug.

    2. Paul Sawyer says:

      Clearly on purpose but I don’t believe it was done with the intention of hurting the player. Definitely on purpose. I have tried to do it myself to players along the benches when I played. Chara was facing that way and knew it was there but Chara is not going to do it with the intent to injure.

    3. Jay says:

      Bill, do you understand the game of hockey? No penalty? Pacioretty does not have the puck when he’s hit, thats called INTERFERENCE.
      Also, what thug are you talking about? I hope not White…
      If you think he’s a thug, look in your own back yard of elbow pad throwing daddy’s boy you have with the Bruins.

    4. Rasta says:

      Hey Bill, first of all, it was interference, Patches did not have the puck, he was hit approx 25 feet after last touching the puck, and the puck was 50 from the both of them, at the time of impact, so, yes, it was against the rules & a suspendable offence…..even tough but clean players, sometimes cross the line!

  2. Dom D'Ambro says:

    Dear Bill Murray, how much of an ignorant buffoon are you? The hit was obviously intentional, watch the replays a couple of times in slow motion, and you can clearly see Chara knows what he is doing. The fact is, the bruins could never beat the Habs with speed or skill, so the obvious solution was to goon out your team, which worked to a certain extent, up until the point where the main roster of the Boston Bruins consist of a bunch of cavemen skating around with hockey sticks.

    1. Paul says:

      Hey Dom, if they can’t play hockey there ahead of the diving Habs inthe standings Pretty good for cavemen

      1. Steve says:

        3 points? Your kidding right?

    2. david says:

      I completely agree with you my friend ! On the fact that Bill Murray is really Ignorant and that boston bruins is more a tough team than a skilled team , a lot less skilled than flyers. i do thing that every players should be responsable for their boarding and their body like they are for their stick !

  3. Nick says:

    The fact is they both saw the glass barrier there and they both kept skating. If the hab didnt want to get checked into it he should have stayed away. Its unfortunate that he had to get hurt but thats just hockey. Its going to happen. Chara didnt do it with any bad intentions. They both saw the glass there. Maybe the hab should have slowed down if he saw this as a threat. Either way Montreal is garbage. Lets go Bruins.

    1. Steven says:

      Right, yet montreal always beats the stupid cavemen bruins! You’re pathetic but that’s to be expected coming from a boston fan who’s sports teams have done nothing ever! You couldn’t beat the habs so you try to hurt them, real classy… If it wasn’t for Harvard, Boston would be a worthless city tha, frankly, most Americans don’t even like anyways!

      By the way, your comments just reinforce my point that the bruins are terrible and their fans are plain moronic. If montreal is so garbage, yet keep on beating the dirty bruins pretty much every time, by extension I guess that would make the bruins a worser type of garbage!

      1. Jed says:

        Uhh, last I checked, Boston sports have won 3 Superbowls, 2 World Series and 1 NBA championship over the last decade. Certainly sounds like they’ve never accomplished anything idiot… Oh yeah, talking about being real classy, it was the Montreal fans that booed the national anthem in the playoffs a few years ago. They’re also the fans that throw beer and bottles on the ice when things don’t go their way. Your fans are the most ignorant fans in hockey.

    2. david says:

      How many stanley cup the bruins ?? how many montreal……. When is the last bruins stanley cup ??? boston bruins = caveman with stick … I very Like patrice bergeron ! Great player

  4. Sebastien says:

    he should get almost 5 games but Bruins got Collins Campbell on they side so he will got… nothing.

    what a injustice

  5. Hockeyfan says:

    Easy to talk on the part of Peter Chiarelli. Of course he will say that becasue he can’t say otherwise….he doesn’t want his captain suspended. Let’s see him take the same hit on the ice and get a broken vertebrae and a severe concussion…perhaps never get to play the game again and lose his lively hood…then we will see if it is just a “strong hockey play”!!!!

    Frankly, all of you out there saying this was not a bad hit, put yourself in that same situation and have your face ram the turnbuckle like Pacioretty did….then post and say it wasn’t soo bad..

    1. Bob says:

      I am surprised at all the people who think there was malicious intent on this hit and that Chara should be suspended. Like the first comment said, if there had been a sheet of glass there, this would have been a normal hit. It was not much of hit. The two were bumping each other up the ice so obviously push is going to come to shove. Pacioretty bumped Chara right before the hit took place. It’s an unfortunate accident, these things happen in sports. Chara is not the kind of person that would have intent on injuring someone. Don’t forget that Pacioretty checked Chara from behind after the Bruins overtime loss to the Habs a few months ago. How classy is it checking someone after the whistle has blown.

      1. Hockeyfan says:

        Te problem is that we can never be sure that there wasn’t any malicious intent just as much as we cannot be sure there was any!!!

        The fact of the matter is that i agree both knew where they were on the ice….but Pacioretty cannot do anything to Chara but Chara had the choice.

        Pacioretty did “chck” and check is a very big word Chara after that game in Boston but we agree that the difference in checks is not to be compared!!! Hockey is a game of physicality and checking and fighting and I love all of that about it. Do not get me wrong….I wouldn’t want to change a thing but checks like this have no place in the game.

        that being said when Peter Chiarelli says it is a strong hockey play, boy that is enraging. Put it this way, if P.K Subban or whoever else plastered Bergeron in the same spot and did the same damage, Chiarelli right now would be erecting up a cross downtown waiting to crucify the culprit.

      2. Dom D'Ambro says:

        Everyone who keeps on using the excuse that if the hit had taken place anywhere else on the ice it wouldn’t have been that bad makes me laugh at their lack of logic. Chara is not a rookie, he has been playing playing in the big league for a dozen of years. Playing 82 games a year, Chara knows exactly every inch of the rink perfectly, he knows he is twice the size of paccy and he purposefully slammed him into the pole – check out the picture on newspapers, it clearly shows it! This stuns me and saddens me deeply to say that the NHL is now a farm league, the worst managed league in professional sports today.

    2. Paul says:

      Dip Stick Mark Savard

  6. Paul says:

    Last time any one with a brain looked, HOCKEY is contact sport, But people above the border who think there stuff don’t stink, and sponsor a team of divers and whiners and cheap shot artists are upset they don’t have real hockey players. Keep crying wolf no one cares

    1. Dom D'Ambro says:

      lmaooo you are honestly hilarious, whenever any bruins fans call the habs cheap shot artists; its the main strategy of your game! Just gooning it out, zerooooo talent, zero speed, zero skill.

  7. Joey says:

    Some of these comments are close to hilarious. Mr. Bill Murray (way up top) is obviously a knowledgeable sports fan. (do you recognize sarcasm at least ?)
    A penalty for interference, absolutely. A suspension, one would have hoped at least 2 to 5 games. One cannot measure “malicious intent”, but “intent” should not be part of the equation. It is the act and end result that should be weighed;
    ie: Chara’s hit was illegal, Patch got hurt, attach appropriate penalty, it can be measured.
    The NHL with its outdated 1960’s “finish your check” mentality needs to seriously look at some of its rules regarding checking, hitting from behind,etc and bring about changes….like now.
    Best to Patch, Crosby, Savard, and countless others for a healthy recovery.


  8. Hockeyfan says:

    Are you kidding or what? Before posting this nonsense and polluting internet air space, please start watching hockey and perhaps put on a pair of skates and play it. Tell me what it feels like to get this kind of hit and then start posting.

    I will be LMAO once I see Savard and Bergeron pulled off on stretchers because of concussions, to which they are already prone, and then I will see how the Bruins fans will like it.

  9. Dave says:

    Every player from Bantams on up knows that the glass supports are there. That was intent to injure maybe not to the extent of breaking his back but Chara meant exactly what he did… Period!!!

  10. ann says:

    Hockey is a game that is not only prominent in males but female’s hockey is also very trendy in all over the world. Different kinds of hockey are played in dissimilar states like ice hockey and street hockey. For all nature of hockey diverse forms of gear are required.

  11. stephen says:

    hockey is beautiful
    but chara is an ugly piece of caca

    1. ouell says:

      suçeux de ballus… ça veux dire zdeno chara en czech…

  12. bob says:

    Chara is just a sore loser. He has had a vendetta against that guy Pachioretty since his winning goal against montreal about 3-4 games ago when he shoved him, plain and simple.

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