By Bill Shields, WBZ-TVBy Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) — Is the daily price hike of gasoline starting to get you down? Well, has it ever occurred to you that you can save on gas, just by buying food?

Several of the large food retail chains in the region have a “points” program, where the more food you buy, the cheaper the gas gets.

WBZ-TV’s Bill Shields reports.

“If you use your Stop & Shop card at the pump, you automatically save five cents a gallon,” says Sherry Olson of the giant food chain. “Many Stop & Shop stores have gas pumps in the parking lot. And if you spend one dollar in the store, you get a gas point,” says Olson. “And by buying the food specials, you can earn up to fifty cents off a gallon.”

BJ’s has a similar program for its members. And consumers are starting to take advantage of it. “That’s why I shop at Stop & Shop, so I can save a few dollars,” said one driver.

Shaw’s used to have a similar program, but canceled it last month. Its rewards program is good until the end of March.

Comments (8)
  1. timma says:

    Yea but at Stop and Shop your paying double what you’d pay at DeMoulas for food………..that equals a tank of gas

    1. Cynic says:

      Also the Gas is cheaper up the street before the discount.

  2. Christine M says:

    I have saved up to 60cents a gallon using Stop and Shop points, but sometimes it doesn’t make sense to buy stuff just to get 10 or 20 cents off of a gallon of gas. Points expire after a month, so even if I only save 10 cents off of a gallon of gas, it is worth it. Also I have found that Shell-where you use the S & S points, is more expensive than Hess so you need to know the prices at other stations. Whatever saves money, though…

  3. emom says:

    I rather save hundreds on food during the month, if I manage to gain some great points its a plus, And I have actually used the points I recieved to pay for part of my groceries, OH and I also use coupons to save even MORE MONEY… A WIN WIN EVERY TIME

  4. Ron says:

    I know Price Chopper does that in NY as well. My parents always preferred their prices and selection anyway and they partnered w/ the Sunoco in that town, which also tends to have the cheapest gas already. Super Win right there!

  5. Stephen Beck says:

    Shaws discont’d there rewards program on gasoline on February 28th,2011
    last evening when we looked on the ovverride .com and there was’t the 15 cents saving per gallon registered we contacted Shaws customer care they had ended this program February 28th, Not for nothing but 15 cents a gallon time 20= $3.00 in savings.So much for” customer care”

  6. hoofarted says:

    Stop&Shop gas was normally 3-5 cents more than other local gas places anyway. So after paying more for groceries you get a discount off more expensive gas and end up paying the same thing or more in the long run…

    Shaw’s and the override system stunk, I tried it a couple times and I never got the points they said I would…so I bailed…

  7. Nina says:

    I didn’t know that Shaw’s canceled it’s customer gas rewards! Least it’s good through March, especially with gas prices so high! I know that some of my family who live in Arizona have a similar program at their grocery store and you aren’t forced to spend a certain amount before you can use the reward, which is helpful! I’ve also been using a gas card, both personally and for employees, in order to keep track of how much money is spent on gas. Good article about benefits of gas fleet cards and such: Definitely will be interesting to see where gas prices go from here, I just hope they stay under $4.

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