BOSTON (AP) — Three members of President Obama’s own party have spoken out against his administration’s proposal to cut home heating aid programs on the same day the president is scheduled to visit a Boston school.

Democratic U.S. Reps. Michael Capuano and Jim McGovern, along with former congressman and chairman of fuel assistance group Citizens Energy, Joseph Kennedy II, criticized Obama’s proposed reductions Tuesday as the president was set to visit to promote education innovation.

Kennedy said a compromise between Obama and House Republicans protected tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of seniors and low-income families needing fuel assistance.

East Boston resident Katherine Oliveris, whose fuel assistance allotment would be cut in half under Obama’s proposal, said she and her husband won’t have money for medications, food, and other necessities.

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Comments (6)
  1. Bostonian says:

    Oh well Katherine Oliveris, time to pay like the rest of us.

  2. Matt says:

    If he believes in this program so much then let him get his liberal cry baby friends to make up the difference. Or maybe he can give up some of the families bootlegging money.

  3. sara says:

    fuel assistance should only be for people who actually has to pay for their heat not people living with heat included in their rent.These people will never freeze as those that have to pay for their own heat.Imagine how much money could be given to those that pay thier own heat if they did not allow renters with heated apartments to receive fuel assistance.
    This program needs a complete overhall .These poor people that have to pay for thier own heat are freezing when fuel assitance payments are so low.once again help us from freezing .Stop paying for heat included in your rent applicants.They won’t freeze since they have heated apartments.

  4. jaygee says:

    I think it’s wonderful that these people care for many unfortunates but there comes a time when too many handouts further the problem rather than help it. How many people who worked all of their lives and are just getting by have to pay for everything while others who contributed nothing to the society they reside get Social Security disability, food stamps, public housing and other perks? When many of them were young they wouldn’t listen to authority and now they want that same authority to bail them out.

  5. massman says:

    Joe Kennedy needs to understand that the tax cuts for the wealthy are going to bring employment and prosperity to all. A teabagger told me so.

  6. DStein says:

    Somebody needs to explain to Joe Kennedy that global warming has reduced the need for heating oil assistance and it can be scaled back accordingly. Besides, Joe pays himself a reported $600,000 a year to run his scam….I mean his charity Citizens Energy. Maybe he has to make another trip to Venezuela to kiss dictator Hugo Chavez’s butt some more to squeeze some more oil from him. He should also hit up Melinda Gates while she’s in town with Obama. They have BILLIONS to give away. So does their buddy Warren Buffet.

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