Tony Marinaro of Team 990 in Montreal joined Felger & Masssarotti to preview tonight’s Boston BruinsMontreal Canadiens game at the Bell Centre.

What is the atmosphere like up in Montreal? Are are Canadiens fans looking for tonight? How can Canadians respect the way that the Canadiens play?

Will Canadiens fans boo the National Anthem tonight? What can we expect from the Montreal crowd tonight?

Can the Canadiens match the Bruins physical style of play?

Comments (5)
  1. Julie says:

    Wow! Talk about divers when you guys ducked when Marinaro asked you to back up your comments with stats.

    That was hilarious, glad we got to hear it! Oh, and win a convincing game despite everything.

    1. Rakesh Awasthi says:

      Good One Julie! love it. These radio host are horrible! Tony schooled em. Unprofessional radio broadcaster! Good Job Tony!

    2. Melanie says:

      Julie, Julie, Julie – please stay on those Habs boards, and oh yeah, on the 911 lines!

      1. Julie says:

        Melanie, Melanie, Melanie … took you two whole days to come up with something so clever. Atta girl! Good grief, taking this so personally …

        You have no clue what team I support, I was just referring a portion of the interview I heard. Of course, if you weren’t so emotional, you’d have realized that.

  2. Rakesh Awasthi says:

    Canadiens are not divers! Remember one thing to show how the bruins are classless. In the 8-6 bruins win. During Pouilots and Kreci’s fight, Pouilot had him down and out and held back from seriously hurting him. Same thing with Price and Thomas. With Thomas on ice Price could dropped bombs on him and held back. The bruins however, continued to throw punches when a canadiens player was down. I watch every canadiens hockey game No they are not the biggest divers in all of sports! Get your facts straight!

    By the way Pacioretty didn’t dive last nite from chara’s hit!

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