BOSTON (CBS) — Police have identified a body found in the water off Lexington Square in East Boston Tuesday as that of a missing New York man.

Authorities say David Mark’s body was found about 15 to 18 feet from shore. The 24 year old from Albany, N.Y. had been missing since Wednesday. His family says he left their home in Albany to visit his sister in Newton.

Mark suffered from diabetes and a form of autism called Asperger. Police say there are no obvious signs of trauma to Mark’s body. No word on whether his conditions contributed to his death.

Comments (5)
  1. Sam says:

    May you rest in peace, Sir.

  2. 2 cents says:

    The poor family. I saw the report with his mother and my heart broke for her as a mother. Until, you are a mother your sense of understanding is like no other.

  3. J. Poe says:

    I hope WBZ follows this story to include any autopsy findings.
    If this guy left his vehicle back near his sister’s house in Newton, how did he get to East Boston and why would he go there?
    Sounds like there must be some foul play involved. People with Asperger are and can be highly functioning. And I doubt his family would have let him drive the family car all the way from Upstate NY to Newton in the first place. BZ… pls follow this story as there must be more.

    1. EAP says:

      I agree! There have been way too many young men found dead floating in boston. Somethings not right here. Remember the young man found outside of the Garden a couple years back? This reminds me of that.

  4. says:

    i am so sorry to the family of mark rest in peace mark you will be in my prays

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