By Alana Gomez, WBZ-TV

WEYMOUTH (CBS) – Vandalism at a Weymouth apartment complex sparked a morning bomb squad investigation on Sunday.

David Eastman lives at the Stone Run Apartment complex on Old Stone Way. When he woke up Sunday morning he noticed a black “X” spray painted on his white van and a drawing of a bomb on the back window.

“I was kind of disturbed someone would do something to my vehicle,” said Eastman, who called police.

WBZ-TV’s Alana Gomez reports.

A bomb squad arrived to the scene and blocked off the area. Weymouth fire officials said they evacuated a portion of the complex. Investigators inspected three cars in the parking lot including Eastman’s, a Mercedes with a black “X” on the hood, and a state trooper’s car.

Ricardo Oliveira lives in the apartments and says the state trooper is his neighbor.

“Someone wrote ‘pig’ on his car,” said Oliveira.

After two hours the scene was cleared when no explosives were found. Fire officials said it was important to take all necessary precautions but responding to the senseless graffiti could’ve taken them away from larger public safety risks.

“It’s absolutely huge, we take these kind of threats very seriously, especially these days,” said Weymouth Deputy Fire Chief John Haslam. “But it ties up all of our resources.”

Comments (5)
  1. Cynic says:

    Drawings of Bombs are not explosive>

    1. mikey says:

      Are you that daft??? Someone says ‘bomb’, you treat it as a bomb until you KNOW otherwise.

      You have the same moronic attitude as the people who try to say a bank robber that says “I have a gun” shouldn’t be treated as armed robbers. They say it, you treat it like it is, until you know otherwise.

      I’m just VERY thankful you’re not a cop or a 1st responder!

      1. ur mom says:

        HAHAHAHA that was my friend lol

  2. joe says:

    that was my friend lawls

    1. penus licker 105 says:


      its a peepee :)

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