BOSTON (AP) – Gov. Deval Patrick has again declined to criticize Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts over a hefty severance payment to its former CEO, telling reporters his job isn’t “managing individual companies or individual compensations.”
Patrick did say during a sometimes testy exchange with reporters Friday that he isn’t condoning Blue Cross’ judgments. But he said he’s focusing on legislation to control spiraling premiums.

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Patrick was questioned for a second day about the $11 million severance and compensation package for Cleve Killingsworth, who resigned from Blue Cross last March after five years as chief executive.
Republicans have taken Patrick to task for remaining silent on Killingsworth after his campaign last year criticized the $1.7 million salary his GOP challenger, Charles Baker, earned while CEO of Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

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Comments (3)
  1. taxedout says:

    What Is his job again????

  2. Dr says:

    its to be USELESS, and you cant say he isnt doing his job
    cause he does good at being just that

  3. jerry says:

    Just another rich brother helping another rich brother out . If no one can see it all this is a rich person protecting another rich person , why should he say anything this is a governer who assigns friends to a job thats been vacant for a few years and pays them a very huge salary for nothing . This is the same govenor that wanted to waste stimulis money to build a foote bridge for the new england patriots who has enough of there own money to build the dam thing themselfs . So why should this idiot for a governer ever stick up for the little people .Just remember the rich people only stick up for the rich people , the rich people do not give a dam about the hard working people who are the back bone of this country .

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