BRIDGEWATER (CBS) — A Bridgewater man is accused of bringing his 4-year-old daughter with him as he broke into several houses in his hometown.

Michael Varano, 52, is charged with larceny and breaking and entering. Police say he admitted to three break-ins, but they are investigating whether he is responsible for others in recent months. He’s also charged with reckless endangerment of a child as he admitted to bringing his daughter with him on a robbery.

Varano reportedly worked for the Brockton Water and Sewer Department for 26 years but left on disability because of a knee injury.

Bridgewater police say Varano should appear in court in about 30 days.

Comments (12)
  1. Cynic says:

    On The Job Training?

  2. Cynic says:

    Robbery is Larcency from a person. Did he actually commit a ‘Robbery” or did BZ gets it’s terms mixed up again?

  3. emom says:

    What a scuz ball, I hope they throw the book at this slimeball, the thought he would use a child to do this , I only hope this child is not to scared from this,, take his parenthood card away and lock him up, stupid fool, WHAT WAS HE EVEN THINKING,Oh wait he didnt,, what a freak he is .

  4. smith says:

    i know this man and im shocked just shocked. . we played lots of sports together back in the day in brockton. he really must be in tough shape to do something like this. i for one wont kick him when hes down. i hope he gets his life together for his family. damn vinny what the hell happened?

    1. CSERGIO says:

      I know who this is Smith!Ahaaa!But yes damn Vinny!

  5. buildmeister says:

    I wonder if they will also look into his “knee injury” too. Seems that someone healthy enough to break into homes while taking care of a 4 year old probably doesn’t qualify for disability.

  6. Anna says:

    ok so he’s getting paid from disability for a knee injury but is just fine to go break into home. this is soo disgusing

  7. taxedout says:

    On disablity, hum guess the money he’s getting tax free maybe just isn’t enough for him to get by. Hey never to young to take your kid to work with you. Another Outstanding citizen!!!!

  8. jaygee says:

    Perhaps he should have thought twice about having another kid when he was 48 and on disability. He gets a check, tax free, every month but decides he needs more money so he steals from the homes of people who are out working. Put him away for a couple of years and on diet as well.

  9. Mike says:

    Lock this gem up! Oh and don’t forget to take his kid away!

  10. robert says:

    people make mistakes and disability must have not been enough and maybe he had to do it to put food on the table for his kids i dont kno just saying we dont kno yet.theres alot of things that coulda happen

  11. robert says:

    actually didnt kno he had his kid with him that is rediculis he shuld pay for this for awile

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