Keller @ Large: What Does ‘Winning’ Really Mean?

BOSTON (CBS) – Given my comment the other day about how grotesque and exploitative all the media attention to a certain TV actor’s psychological meltdown tour is, I can’t bring myself to say his name out loud.

And I only bring up the sayings of “he who shall not be named” because he is inadvertently raising an interesting question for the rest of us to consider – what does “winning” really mean?

Listen to Jon’s commentary:

We know what “he who shall not be named” thinks it is – anything he does. After all, that’s what self-described “winners” like “he who shall not be named” are all about.

So there’s a definition to get our discussion going – winning is when you descend into a lifetime of drug abuse and domestic violence, when you have your kids taken away from you by the authorities, when you poison your personal relationships and your working relationships and turn yourself into a pitiful international symbol of narcissism and manic depression.

Is that your definition of winning, too?

Sorry, but count me out.

I’ve been keeping my eyes open for signs of friends and family members publicly coming to the defense of “he who shall not be named,” but haven’t seen any, only leech-like self-promoters like Bill Maher and Piers Morgan frantically trying to steer the spotlight onto themselves with defenses of the “right to party” that I guess are supposed to be edgy and hip.

But they just sound stupid.

So I guess having the support of loved ones would be on my list of signs that you’re winning.

Providing an environment for your spouse and children that is nurturing and meets their needs, rather than the self-serving Roman orgy motif that “he who shall not be named” seems to favor would be another trademark of the winner, in my view.

No, “he who shall not be named,” winning isn’t about money, partying, and lording it over everyone. It’s about the exact opposite – of all those things, and especially the opposite of “he who shall not be named.”

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