REVERE (CBS) – A man trusted to drive children to school is accused of sexually assaulting a young girl in his care.

Sergio Lara, 53, runs Maya Transportation, which provides rides to and from school for children in Revere, Chelsea and East Boston.

maya tranport 002sm Bus Driver Accused Of Assaulting 5 Year Old Girl

Maya Transportation provides rides to and from school for children in Revere, Chelsea and East Boston.

He was arrested on Wednesday after a five-year-old girl from his bus told her parents that Lara sexually assaulted her after school on Tuesday. Her parent called police and took her to the hospital.

“Too often, the victims of abuse are afraid or ashamed to disclose what happened, but this child did exactly the right thing,” District Attorney Dan Conley said. “Telling her parents right away allowed investigators to take rapid action and have him held on high bail. She’s a smart, brave little girl.”

Lara’s bail was set at $100,000; he was ordered by the judge to stay away from children under the age of 16 and wear a GPS monitor if he makes bail.

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  1. sparkels says:

    To whom it may concern;

    After reading your news report I noticed that you are unaware of the unheard part of Sergio Lara’s story!!! He is not a father of 3, he is a father of 4, and he has 2 girls and 2 boys. He had an affair with my mother and she had my brother, which by the way he completely forgot about. She has tried to talk to Sergio and his wife to come to an agreement with his never seen child support for over 15 years. My brother is about to turn 17, he is a 4.00 student and is an excellent male figure. He has never received a phone call from his father on his birthday, Christmas or in any holiday, not even to wonder how he is doing. As you can see he is not as innocent as he claims to be.
    There was only one time when he went to Puerto Rico and even in front of his wife and children he still gave me a bad “vibe” just in the way he would look at me or even when he approached me, gave me “goose bumps” it made me scared just to think ever to be alone with him. He would always say that he wished I was his daughter and always told me how pretty I was. I actually hope that justice finally came over him. He is a very irresponsible man and I hope God has mercy over his soul because in the real world he has lost all possible respect of mankind. Like the fraise says “what goes around comes around ten times harder”. Only God knows when and how to make justice happen and I am glad because people that do what he did to that innocent little girl don’t deserve to be in this world, I hope he suffers 20 times more each painful and traumatizing shaded tear of that innocent little girl. I am glad the little girl did the right thing in telling her parents. The little and her parents should all be considered heroes because they have put a stop to what he could’ve kept scaring other girls for life.
    Forgotten loving son’s sister

    1. Friend says:

      I think you are completely unaware of the facts. I know Sergio very well and he is a good man. To fault a man for something that happened 17 years ago and say he deserves this is unfair.

      and as I believe, your mother isn’t innocent either. she’s just as guilty as he was for the affair seeing how she knew he was married. all has been forgiven already, and he’s had his own issues to provide for his family. This business was his hard work to get back on his feet and provide for his son, for which correct me if I’m wrong, is not even in the states.

      I stand behind him and believe in his innocence. I know many people who feel the same and would trust their kids around him any day. True this is a horrible case for the girl, but they’ve got the wrong man. I would bet my life on that.

      God is on his side.

    2. Daphne Rivera says:

      omg my kid was a passanger of his for 8 months

      1. Daphne Rivera says:

        im going crazy out of my mind

  2. Daphne Rivera says:

    thats ur father i dont trust him i never did and u know wat im going to get all the parents a details and some other info beleive me i will not rest till i get an answer weather is good or bad.

    1. unknown says:

      Daphne, do what you have to do obviously…but ALL OF THE SUDDEN you’re doing something about it? I would NEVER EVER have let my son or daughter get back in a vehicle with anyone that I FELT i didn’t trust….I also hope you get hard core evidence and answers whether good or bad.

  3. Daphne Rivera says:

    he gave me the same feeling goose bumps, chills and uncomfortable feeling, please help im going crazy

    1. Rhonda says:

      Daphne, call the school your child attends and ask to speak to their psychologist at a minimum s/he can advise you on the best way to approach this with your child. They may even be open to meeting with parents as a group to address the potential issues that may arise. If your school does not have its own psychologist the district must have one and get in contact with them. Not only for your child’s well being in being asked appropriate questions but also in the awful even something did occur you do want know how you do this the “right way” so you have a case against the alleged offender

  4. sparkels says:

    The only person I can think of being blind and not wanting to see the truth would be his very own blind family. I also know him very well, so well I tried to help him find a job and he never sent me the resume. He only wanted to be around kids because that’s the only thing he would talk to me about. I’m sorry if “friend” is blind and can’t see the reality but if what claims to be done by him is true. I pray that my God has mercy over his soul because that God you claim is on his side may not be the God we all know because the God we all know does not allow a person go that low for innocent sexual activity!!! To all parents of the children that were using his company I recommend you to go with your instincts because it is your child’s life depending on this man’s hands. Sorry to say but “friend” you can keep thinking the way you do and I hope you are right because this news hurt everyone as bad as you try to ignore. Oh and I almost forgot he was the one that came on to my mother and if he didn’t leave your mother is because he had kids and he knew that she would forgive him and he could just do it again and again like we all can see. So much for your Christianity, you still have a lot to grow and a lot to learn.

  5. Rhonda says:

    Captive small children in a van young enough to be intimidated and frightened into not reporting abuse and having to see the abuser daily. I certainly hope they are interviewing his other passengers over the years, prayers are with that child.

  6. Friend2 says:

    Apparently, there are a lot of people that haven’t had the privilege of “KNOWING” this man. He is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. He’s alwasy been willing to help ANYONE in need. It is unfortunate that an innocent man is being charged with such a hideous crime. But those of us who know him, know that he is not resposible for this. Our prayers are with him, and God willing, Justice will be served!!

  7. unknown says:

    This guy disgusts me in every way possible, he took kid’s to my mom’s daycare and tried being slick with my mom eventually. He plays the “nice guy” card with people being kind and respectful, little do you know he’s as sneaky as it gets, almost ruined my family. I hope he rots in jail. & like people said may God have mercy on him because no one in the real world will have mercy for him. He is as low as it gets trying to have his way with little innocent kids. Simply PATHETIC

    1. reply to unknown says:

      sounds like IF what you say is true … that is completely an adult issue. If he “”almost ruined your family” seems quite low for you to say that… TAKES TWO to TANGO…. and again..that is between adults. I feel for you if true, but again there is NO mention inappropriate behavior with a minor. from comments posted here and other sites, it simply seems that he may have a way with the ladies?? again, between ADULTS AND IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO

  8. person knowing details from the 'bus' business perspective says:

    obviously ”SPARKELS” you stated in another comment that you met him ‘he gave you goose bumps” . He said the HE said you were ‘pretty and wished you were his daughter’ .. as you may or may not know, in latin culture that is a complement to you. (or at least what he thought you were ‘nice/polite’ , he didn’t say I wish you were ‘something else’ BUT now in the post above you say that you tried to help him find a job… If you ‘felt’ he was creepy etc, then why continue to even help him “find a job” ?? what does this issue of YOUR mother and this guy having an affair and then having your brother HAVE ANYTHING to do with this case and you bad mouthing him…. a public opportunity to add fuel to the fire?? sounds like your bitter, and I don’t wish this or your situation on anyone… but I’d like to see some EVIDENCE OTHER THAN A FIVE YEAR OLD MENTIONING TO THAT THE ”SEAT BELT WAS TIGHT WHEN HE ‘BUCKLED IT FOR HER” HAS SPIRALED OUT OF CONTROL INTO THIS CLAIM….. PS— i heard that the person this little girl told this to happens to have a grudge against this guy because of another personal situation between them………….. THE PERSON THAT SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED IS THE LADY (HIS BOSS AND SUPERVISOR OF DISPATCH who happens to have had a grudge against him) SENT HIM OUT OF HIS USUAL ROUTE TO “”RAAANDOMLY PICK UP THIS GIRL AND ONE DAY LATER THIS CLAIM COMES OUT?!?!?!…..THAT IS SHADY !!! REAL SHADY

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