NORWELL (CBS) — Norwell High School’s varsity hockey goalie is the best in the league. But there’s something even more that sets her apart from her teammates and competitors. She’s a girl, and the only girl ever to make the all-star team.

The Norwell Clippers are getting ready for the state semi finals. Much of the team’s success lies in the hands of goalie 18-year-old Niki Lamparelli.

“The boys are very welcoming. They’re not discriminating or anything,” she said.

WBZ-TV’s Paul Burton reports

Lamparelli has been playing hockey since she was 7 years old. And she’s not afraid to go head on with the boys. She said at first she was shaky, but not anymore.

When she was a freshman, Lamparelli suffered a concussion and hasn’t played in the past three years. But now she’s back for her senior year.

In addition to being a hockey player, Lamparelli is also a model and has posed for Vogue, Lucky and Allure.

Lamparelli’s mother, Paulette, said she’s the definition of nerves when her daughter plays. “There are still those moments when they are pig-piled on top of her, but she’s tough,” she said.

Norwell has two other girls on the team.

Lamparelli hopes to play women’s hockey in college.

Comments (2)
  1. someone who knows the truth says:

    omeone who knows the truth
    Great story about Niki. I know her dad very well and he has always supported his children unconditionally unlike their mother. Interesting that you were able to find the rock she has been hiding under so she could pretend to be Mother of the year.
    Congrats NIki

  2. friend says:

    How well do you know her dad?

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