Worcester Commuter To MBCR: ‘Now All Of A Sudden You Care?’

WORCESTER (CBS) – Disgruntled passengers on the Worcester to Boston commuter rail line were greeted by managers and apologies from the Massachusetts Bay Commuter Rail Wednesday morning.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports

The MBCR, which operates the commuter rail for the MBTA, sent the officials out to Union Station to hand out vouchers for free rides, answer questions and absorb anger from riders who suffered Monday when a train broke down twice, delaying them for hours.

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Many commuters said they didn’t want any more apologies, they just want results.

WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud reports

One rider scolded the MBCR managers for waiting so long to finally acknowledge the lingering problems on the Worcester-to-Boston line.

“This has been going on for a couple of months and nobody cared, nobody even replied to our complaints until the media got involved and now all of sudden you care? Save it, I don’t want to hear it,” the unidentified woman said.

The MBCR announced Wednesday that the train that broke down twice on Monday is now out of commission. A brand new one is taking its place.

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  • Steve

    A free ride?? What about monthly pass holders?? What do we get?

  • Eddie

    This is like going to a restaurant getting lousy food, and then receiving a free voucher for the same lousy food!!! Nobody wants it!!

  • irish

    The latest idiocy from the MBTA is (We will put the contract to run the rail system up for bids in 2 yrears when the current contract runs out! What Baloney — NON-PERFORMANCE OF DUTIES and complete failure to provide reliable service — have always been grounds to end a contract immediately.
    People are losing their jobs because of these incompetent bus runners.
    Get a railroad to run a railroad. It was NEVER like this when the NY Central or AMTRACK ran the commuter rail.
    Do you really think 2 free rides is a fair compensation for people who pay over two hundred dollars for a monthly pass. Some of these riders have already lost their jobs because they can no longer be on time due to the incompetent bus company that is now killing a train service.
    Incompetense is absolute grounds to break a contract. Contracts imply capability and they have none.

  • Mary Jane

    I was on the train and waited in Newton for more than 2 hours waiting to get rescued in the mean time more than 3 trains went by us to no avail finally a train got around to hooking the train up with another train that was a local train so it
    had more stops to go to. Finally I arrived in Framingham where my husband met me, he drove from worcester to get me off the nightmare i was on. This coulld have been averted if the mbta had better equipment, that same train had been in trouble before with problems. Giving out free vouchers what a joke to the riders on that train.

  • taxedout

    Alright, we’ll give you a Free newspaper too!!!!! When we get there!!!!!!

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