HANOVER (CBS) — Three teenagers are charged with vandalizing the brand new Hanover High School. The school isn’t even open yet, but police say the teens did $50,000 worth of damage.

All of the teens are 15 years old; two of them are from Hanover, the other is from Pembroke. They are facing felony charges including breaking and entering at night.

WBZ-TV’s Sera Congi reports

Officials say the teens broke into the school last week and spray painted the newly tiled walls and poured concrete and adhesives down toilets.

“It’s lost time and it puts a dark cloud on things. Instead of moving forward we’re trying to go back cleanup and start fresh,” said Wayne Wendell of Callahan Inc.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

hanover high school Teens Charged With Vandalizing New Hanover High School

The new Hanover High School.

The damage was first reported to police Thursday, but two of the three teens returned Saturday and footprints in the snow led a patrolman to check inside the building. Police tracked down the third teen.

“They were caught in the act,” said Lt. Robert Heywood of Hanover Police. “They tried to hide and were quickly discovered in the school.”

The community has been working on the project for almost a decade and the building has been under construction for a year.

The school is still expected to open in September. The construction company is now considering extra security.

The construction company’s insurance will pay for the repairs.

Comments (9)
  1. AnotherTypeOfParent says:

    Those teens AND their parents must be held responsible for this. There is NO excuse for not knowing what your 15 year-old is doing. Let them scrub the tiles clean together. How sad that these 15 year-olds had the time and inclination to do this.

    1. reality says:

      do you really think that theyd really tell their parents what they were going to do. theyre 15 are parents supposed to have them on a leash? And it was on a Saturday what else would they be doing. I find it sad that you think your the greatest parent to grace the earth. Get out of your bubble

  2. Rich Ludwig says:

    What do you mean the Construction Companies Insurance will pay, the contractor didn’t do the damage! Let the kids and their parents pay and clean-up!
    What does this teach them?? It’s about time parents start taking more responsibilty for the kids

  3. anti-stupid says:

    these kids will be out in a few days with quick slap on the wrist

  4. Ronda says:

    Reality – you seem to be living in your own reality. It’s not the fact that the parents should have a leash on these deliquents…it’s the fact that the parents didn’t do their job by teaching the kids right from wrong. This is most likely not the first time these punks did this sort of thing and the parents probably looked the other way or are way too uninvolved in their childrens’ lives to care.

    Are you kidding me? What else would they be doing on Saturday? You seem to indicate that the kids SHOULD be vandalizing the school on Saturday which in your reality is an okay day to vandalize. Let’s see I can think of about 10 things a 15 year old could do on a Saturday besides vandalize a school to the tune of $50,000. Your response makes me wonder if it was one of your kids who did the vandalizing. If it wasn’t and you ARE a parent…your kid(s) are likely to follow a similar path based on your absolutely rediculous response.

    I am still shaking my head over “What else would they be doing on Saturday?” Really?

  5. Jim says:

    Bring back the stocks of the 1600s and lock them in there for a week in the mall for public display.

  6. Ironic Truth says:

    It seems that someone’s xbox 360/ps3 wasn’t working that night.

  7. neethewoman says:

    I wish this story had been carried on more than 1 station. I am enraged that you so blithely report that the construction co’s ins. co will pay for it: 1. There go all our rates into the stratosphere. 2. These idiots learn NOTHING (which is probably what they have been learning all these yrs. in school) 3. It opens the door for all the other fools to do the same and get away with it. 4. The 10 yrs. of hard work and sacrifice of the caring people of Hanover is shoveled into the garbage heap along with the materials they destroyed coupled with the work of the men & women members of the various contractors and subs involved while they (don’t even try to excuse them for being “too young to know better) sit at home laughing at all of us poor working slobs who now have to work even harder to pay for what they did. Where is the justice in that?

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