FBI File Claims Ted Kennedy Tried To Rent Brothel For A Night

BOSTON (CBS) – Did Ted Kennedy try to rent out a brothel for a night back in 1961, before he became a U.S. Senator?

The public interest group Judicial Watch announced Monday it has obtained previously-redacted material from FBI files on Kennedy.

Read: The File (.pdf)

One document includes a December 28, 1961 State Department memo that claims Kennedy made arrangements to rent a brothel for an entire night while on a trip to Santiago, Chile.

“Kennedy allegedly invited one of the Embassy chauffeurs to participate in the night’s activities,” the memo states.

So why is this coming out nearly 50 years later?

WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill reports.

“Ted Kennedy was a controversial, scandalous figure (with) many allegations of corruption concerning his activities and we want a complete historical record about that”, Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

“In this instance he was an assistant district attorney in Suffolk County and, certainly if this type of activity was known, he wouldn’t have been a senator.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Diane Stern talks to Fitton

Kennedy was elected to fill his brother John’s Senate seat in November 1962.

“I think it’s also important to note in these FBI documents that he was seemingly obsessed with meeting with communists while he was travelling down there,” Fitton said.

“Certainly something that ought to be controversial now would have been extremely controversial then.”

Fitton claims the FBI’s decision to redact these documents was “political” and “not based on law.”

“I think it will further cement Ted Kennedy’s reputation in a negative light,” he said.

“This was the Kennedy FBI that did this, that knew about this, and it was covered up.”

Judicial Watch, which originally sued to get the file last year, says it also forced the FBI to start releasing its file on the late Ted Stevens, the longtime Republican Senator from Alaska.

More from Diane Stern
  • Cynic

    Obviously the operaters of the Brothel wouldn’t rent to just anyone !!!

  • Cynic

    They were probably Republicans.

  • Cynic

    At that time the FBI files had no Law enforcement purpose. They were used to provide Hoover with a tool for Blackmail.
    He was never overt about it. He would contact the Politician involved as a “FRIEND”. He would tell the Politician ‘”We came across this that someone might use against you,but don’t worry we’ll take care of it”. The Politicial would get the Message and Hoover would OWN one more.
    Why were the never any files on Hoover and his girlfriend Colson?

  • Jerry Fletcher

    1 question who really cares, its just the government just trying to the continuous bashing of the Kennedy’s. Isn’t bad enough that our government killed JFK.

    • Joe

      Nobody needs to unjustly bash the Kennedy’s. They have done so just fine on their own and will continue to do so.

    • mary43

      Are you for real…the Kennedy’s were crooks. The unions killed JFK

      • mary43

        oops I meant the mob…the unions are killing the rest of us. :-)

  • Cynic

    Did I say Colson?. I meant Tolson.

  • Cynic

    How many are there that aren’t glad that the FBI didn’t keep files on them when they were younger?

    • Joe

      Comparing Ted to you or I is ignorant. Heres a little history lesson. His brother was president and he was an assistant DA and then senator. Yea, people such as that tend to leave and record a paper trail.

  • DStein

    Teddy Kennedy hanging out with Commies, now THERE’S a surprise! About as surprising as him renting a brothel for the night. What a pig. Just like his father and his brothers.

  • alan

    I am shocked that a Kennedy would do such a thing!……. No, wait, I am shocked that people are shocked to hear this news!!

  • mike

    why does this matter. after 50 years and the man’s death….let him RIP….why is this news???

  • Jen

    Who Cares 50 years later? What is this.. a slow news day?! Sheesh

    • joe

      I’m sure you would say the same if it were a republican, right?

      • Cynic

        Rebublicans don’t rent brothels in South America. They tend to hang around Airport Mens Rooms Instead.

  • Sammied

    Most know about the Kennedy men and their ‘women’. It is so many years ago, who really cares. Bet the young don’t even know who they were. Just let the whole clan fade away, in peace as we (the public) are really tired of heaing about them all. They are the past, let them stay buried in the past.

  • joe

    This guy was disgrace for massachusetts and the truth is finally coming out only because of his death.

  • Gregg

    Who cares? 1961 ha ha. Can we dig an further back in the past? Did that effect me or my job or my families job or kill hundreds of thousands of people because of a war like Iraq or Vietnam? I say again Who Cares!!!!!

    • mary43

      Bush lied,people died. You libs are so absolutely foolish!!!!!!!!

  • CEO

    Makes you wonder just how many other sleazy things Teddy did that we’re all paying for now. A man with no scruples, no morals, just how many times did he sell America and his constituents down the river? Man, I HOPE he’s not resting in peace.

  • massman

    Public interest gorup, Judicial Watch? What a joke. They have about as much interest for the public as Scott Walker does.

    • Joe

      Actually assman, walker has more interest in doing right by his constituents than all the Kennedy’s combined. Which public mafia want to be union are you part of?

  • Jody

    Who cares ! Leave the man alone. President Clinton fooled around in the White House. So what ! The country was doing good and that situation should be between him and his wife. I suppose people want a faithful president but don’t care about our economy ? What’s more important ?

    • Joe

      Can’t we have a strong economy without a president who penetrates a woman with a cigar and smokes it while being orally serviced in the oval office? or is that too much to ask?

  • Doris

    Leave the Kennedys alone.Who cares what the man did in his personnal life.He did a lot of great things for the people of Ma.

  • Paul

    Ted Kennedy at a brothel? So that’s how he spent his time when he wasn’t giving swimming lessons!!!

  • bill

    He was a bum, as well as the rest of the Kennedys. However, it’s our fault for keeping him in office after Mary Jo

    • Cynic

      bill..If you had read the inquest report you would know that he wasn’t dragging Mary Jo to the Beach…
      They were going to the Beach Together. For what ever reason is no
      ones business but thiers.
      They were both adults and I’m certain that a trip down to the beach was nothing new to either of them or to 99% of the People that were down the Cape at that instant.

      • Joe

        Also cynic, you say “for whatever reason”? I’ve taken many women to the beach after midnight many times in my life. There was never any question in our minds as to the reason why…………

      • Joe

        Cynic, I agree. However, 99% of the general public would be in jail if they killed the girl they were going to bang while driving to the beach.

    • Cynic

      Joe… I don;’t know what you were doing down at the Beach on the Cape but I always went there to watch out for German Submarines.

  • Curious

    I think they ought to do some checking on this public interest group to see thier real agenda

    • Joe

      Yotu have got to be kidding? Clinton was IMPEACHED! And yes, I would prefer my kids to have a faithful president with morals. And your a woman, what a disgrace.

      • joe

        That was meant for jody

  • Cynic

    Why does the outrage of people from Mass in a matter of Morals ring so Hollow? To many around the country Mass is the home of imorality, but rthen This is about Ted Kennedy not the Marriage Laws of Massachusetts isn’t iy.

  • mike

    We all know bill was the most and still is the most respective president that ever served this country. then comes George W bush

    • joe


  • joe

    I hope nobody outside of this state reads the comments in defense of Kennedy. The rest of the country already thinks we are insane and said comments will only further their beliefs!

  • Joe

    Kadaffi is proclaiming his innocence as well. I’m sure some of you nutjobs believe he is just misunderstood and innocent also.

  • Joe

    People in this god forsaken state prove time and time again that liberalism truly is a mental disorder!

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