BOSTON (CBS) – In an effort to combat the growing distracted driving problem, New Hampshire lawmakers are considering a bill that could ban drivers from using hand-held cell phones in their car.

The law would require drivers to use hands-free mobile devices.

Drivers who hold their phone in the air or near their ears could face a $100 fine.

Texting while driving was banned in New Hampshire since last year.

Comments (6)
  1. Trucker says:

    Should do it in all 50 states I see so many driving mistakes made by people on phone everyday I am on the road

  2. emom says:

    Every cell phone company should cell a bluetoth device with every phone, I have used one for over 10 years ITS the best way to use the phone. I would never hold the phone at talk, I have it set up so I can answer a call with a push of a button, I find a bluetooth is much safer and easier to handle. I also find it less distracting than having a car load of people, since many can not carry a conversation with a live person in the car cause they end up turning in the direction of the passangers.. especially young and inexperienced drivers, Besides its not for every one.. Some just cant handle any more than one thing And frankly that scares me since when driving you MUST focus on multiple things at the same time while driving, and that sadly is a huge problem and thats where many of the accidents start from

  3. jaygee says:

    I totally agree that this should be law in the entire country but I find it amusing that New Hampshire wants this as law while at the same time they are trying to pass another law that allows carrying concealed weapons in the state. At least cellphones don’t fire bullets.

    1. Elizabeth says:

      How about NH first passing a law that requires mandatory auto insurance? My car was recently destroyed after a loser on a cellphone ran a stop sign. My arm was broken and I have missed weeks of work and my mint condition BMW a total loss. I get to now pay a premium on my insurance due to having to put in a claim and Sarah Paquette, 12 Briggs Street, Claremont, NH walks. It’s great when people that rent and have no assets get to take advantage of those of us who do.

  4. annmarie says:

    i wish mass have ban of no cell users for everyone,
    i have been in front of a people that is talking or texing on the phone
    all most went off the road.
    i was also in a gas station getting gas i saw a lady talking on the cell phone
    all most hit the light post,

  5. CEO says:

    Can’t become law soon enough!

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