BOSTON (AP) – President Barack Obama is reaching out to an old friend and fellow Democrat as he prepares for a tough re-election campaign: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick.

Patrick has hunkered down with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine and Obama political adviser David Axelrod and is forming his own national political action committee to pay for his travels on the president’s behalf.

One reason why Democrats are reaching out to Patrick? He was among the few in the party who ran a successful re-election campaign in a hostile political climate in 2010.

Like Obama, Patrick faced tough poll numbers and a slumping economy. But Patrick fought back with an upbeat message and superior organizing.

Now Patrick is preparing to take his story nationwide to help sell voters on a second Obama term.

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  1. JERRY says:

    Id like to know why on earth should DEVAL PATRICK be wasting our tax payers MONEY & TIME on ( reaching out ) to help a old friend in obama ? Instead WHY DONT YOU WORK on the problems we have in the state of massachusetts instead of TRYING to help the president get re elected ? This is WHY NOTHING ever gets DONE in this state because 1.) patrick wants to waste OUR TAX PAYERS MONEY on helping the president out when he can do it himself 2.) and look at SENATOR BROWN he wastes OUR TIME ON A STUPID BOOK INSTEAD of doing his JOB in the senate WASTING MORE OF THE TAX PAYERS MONEY AND TIME . This is JUST 2 politicians WASTING OUR HARD EARN TAX PAYERS MONEY . For once in our entire life i would love to see JUST 1 POLITICIAN not waste our tax paying dollor and for ONCE DO THERE JOB and help our country out instead of trying to help re elect the president or WRITE what i would call a FICTIONAL BOOK get SOME WORK DONE INSTEAD OF WASTING THE PEOPLES MONEY FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIVES !!!!!!!!!!! .

  2. mike says:

    hear hear…Just for note Obama has as much chace of being re-elected as does be being called a white american

  3. CEO says:

    Obama is one and done. The economy is still in the tank. Gas prices have increased 87% since he took office. He’s added 200,000 people to the government payroll and put all the burden on taxpayers. The national debt has more than doubled to $14 trillion and he’s STILL doesn’t get it when it comes to drastically reducing spending.

    Obama has proven over and over again that he is in over his head and that his policies aren’t working. He has weakened American both economically and militarily. His foreign policy is a joke and he’s made us look weak by being indecisive and wishy-washy instead of firm.

    I’m looking forward to January 2013 when Obama goes back to community organizing in Chicago with that other sleaze Rahm Emanuel

  4. DStein says:

    Look! It’s Barry Obama and his mini-me.

    The two most spineless elected officials we have.

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