BOSTON (CBS) – The new baby gorilla at the Franklin Park Zoo now has a name.

Kiki the gorilla selected the name Kambiri, which means “allow me to join the family” in a Nigerian dialect, among three finalists on Saturday.

gorillaname New Baby Gorilla At Franklin Park Zoo Named Kambiri

Kiki named her new daughter Kambiri at the name selection on Saturday.

The female western lowland gorilla was born on November 3 to her parents Kiki and Kitombe. She has two older sisters, Kira, age 11, and Kimani, age 6.

The other name finalists were Kalliope, which means “beautiful voice” and is the muse of epic poetry in Greek mythology, and Kohana, which means “little flower” in Japanese.

The zoo is home to eight western lowland gorillas, including Kambiri, with all residing inside the tropical forest.

Comments (3)
  1. Helen Sade says:

    There isn’t a language called Nigerian!!

  2. madison says:

    i really enjoyed being at the zoo. my favorite was seeing the baby gorilla and the inside of the house where the gorillas were. thank you

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