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BOSTON (CBS) – I’m back from Spring Training with some random thoughts on the Boston Sports scene…

–Give Danny Ainge and Doc Rivers credit for one thing: Guts. It had to be tough enough to say good-bye Kendrick Perkins, but you wonder how hard it was to break the news to his teammates? I am a big “chemistry” guy and the rest of this season will be a good experiment to see how much it really matters. These guys deeply cared about each other. We’ll look back on this and say Danny had his finger right on the pulse of this team….or….he ripped apart a group that should have won another NBA title?

–Our crack WBZ-TV sports producer Joe Giza brought up a good point: would Danny have done this deal if this current Celts team hadn’t won a title? Then again, if that was the case maybe only a few of these players would still be here.

–Perk reminded me of Johnny Damon when it came to interviews. Both would 1) always have time for you, and 2) would give you a refreshingly honest answer. If they were bad…both said it. If they were good…both said it. I will miss Perk for that.

–It will be interesting to see what the Celts look like when Danny is done fixing the roster. I have said this over and over…and still believe it: any Celtics team that has KG has a chance to win an NBA championship.

–To Football…and enough of Logan Mankins’ agent please! Mankins is a great player, but the NFL owners, players, and fans are in the middle of a possible lockout. The last thing Pats fans need is to see whining over a “franchise tag” that would pay a player $10 million for one season.

–I am an optimist and always feel like there is no way all parties are stupid enough to have work stoppage…and then…no matter what the sport…they do.

–I like the Kaberle and Peverly moves. The B’s appear ready for a run. If they don’t go deep say good-bye to Claude and some players….

–Best part of Spring Training? Getting out of my car at the Red Sox minor league complex and hearing the crack of the bat inside the hitting cages at 7:45 a.m.

–You know the Red Sox are going to be good when you look at both line-ups the Sox put out to play BC and Northeastern and you know just about every player. Also, shows how banged up the Sox were last season.

–Nice to hear Dustin Pedroia chirping again….

–At first I wanted to start Josh Beckett on Opening Day, but the more I thought about it I would start Jon Lester. Right now, he’s the ace of the staff. Josh Beckett is the leader of the staff. I go with the ace……

–What a great story it would be if Milton’s Rich Hill earns a job in the Sox pen this season….

–I wonder if Terry Francona will use a righty or two in the opener against lefty CJ Wilson in Texas? Mike Cameron over J.D. Drew in RF? Drew is 1-for-6 lifetime vs Wilson while Cameron is 0-for-3. By the way, David Ortiz is 1-for-10 against him…..

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  1. Alan says:

    I like Perk very much and believe he’s come a long way with the Celtics. What I don’t have a handle on is how much more of an upside he has during his tenure here. I do not believe, and haven’t all year long, is that the Celtics would win the championship with or without Perk.

    Danny Ainge, whom I like more as a player than a front office man, has made a very gutsy move which should, on paper anyway, help this team over the long haul.

    For now lets call it a good move, albeit, heart breaking! Good luck, Perk!

  2. John says:

    Have to agree an all of the above…even Lester starting on Opening Day. Also, can’t wait to see how the Revolution are gonna shake down with Dabo and Coria arriving this week, Shalrie not doing anything stupid – and hopefully they add a striker before March 20th!

  3. Ray Fellows says:

    LOve Perk but he wanted to become a free agent at the end of the year. They traded him so they could get something for them.

    As far as the Revolution, I’m American. I dont care about soccer!

  4. Crucial Play says:

    Perkins didn’t exactly “want to” become a free agent. He just wanted more money after feeling he was not getting the pay he deserved after proving himself worthy of wearing the Green Pride shirt, which he did prove.
    This case is the very common and usually very fan-painful case of watching one of our beloved top tier players leave because a team and player can’t agree on a price.
    These moves have proven to make the team better over time, many times. But I still worry to no end when I think of the players who were let go over little money while they were one of the best players in their position (if not the best).
    Adam Vinatieri always comes to mind. Remember him? The guy who kicked all the New England Patriots winning Superbowl feild goals? Then when he asked for a raise for all of those amazing long range kicks which led our beloved Patriots to a dynasty, were suddenly no longer appreciated. I’m sure it was Mr. Kraft’s empty pockets. But I’d bet more on an ungreatful owner who got what he wanted and no longer needed that same player who 2 years later (which I knew in my heart would happen) ended up kicking another amazing kick to lead our rival Colts past us to win the AFC Championship. I’m surprised Bob Kraft didn’t choke on his humble soup that day. But this is what makes these trade so crucial. THIS is what makes or breaks a team.

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