By Kathy Curran, WBZ-TV

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – He is a car salesman in trouble with the law, caught in the act by the I-Team in a place where he should not be — on a car lot.

The I-Team’s surveillance camera caught Daniel E. Wright, a man accused of stealing the cars of his clients, at work on the floor of the Direct Auto Mall car dealership in Framingham.

The problem is, just last month, a judge let Wright out on bail with one specific condition: He could not work in automobile sales.

WBZ-TV’s Kathy Curran reports.

Direct Auto Mall sales manager Ray Lima said he had no idea Wright, the former president of the Sterling Motor Group in Danvers, and had been exposed by the I-Team for allegedly stealing customers’ cars and forging documents.

Police say Wright ripped off Stacey Chicoine by forging the signature of her late husband Joe on the title to their Mercedes and then secretly selling the car to a North Shore man for $61,000.

See: I-Team: Widow Swindled Out Of Money

Wright hid the sale from Stacey, telling her the Mercedes had mysteriously disappeared from the Sterling Motor Group lot.

We showed Stacey Chicoine our video of Wright back at it, selling cars again in defiance of the judge’s order.

“It’s disgusting, he’s breaking all the rules again,” Stacey said, adding that she’s concerned about “other potential victims who don’t know what he’s capable of doing, what he’s done to me and others.”

Last month, just days after he was charged criminally in the Chicoine case, Wright showed up at Direct Auto Mall looking for a job.

Wright was hired under a contract and worked at Direct Auto Mall for more than a month. The dealership’s owner fired Wright last night after he found out about his legal problems.

“He’s no longer with us,” said Lima. “We would like to apologize to the community because we want to comply with the law.”

Lima said Wright did not provide the dealership with personal identification, refused company-issued business cards, and did not want to be put on the company payroll.

“We laughed with that because he said Ray, how do you say ghost in Portuguese? I said fantasma. He said that’s me, fantasma, I don’t want business cards,” Lima said.

Stacey Chicione was not amused. “It has to stop,” she said. “I’m a victim. It’s a substantial loss for my family and myself. It could happen to other people and keep going and going.”

Wright’s bail could be revoked and he could be sent back to jail. He was charged with larceny in another car case today and was released on personal recognizance.

Comments (14)
  1. Trish says:

    The auto business is a community where everyone knows somebody. Dan Wright has been in the business for a long time, not only at his dealership but also at some big name dealerships. To try and “sell” a story that they were unaware of his past is ludicrous. What employer hires anyone without identification? Isn’t that against the law?

    I’d have more respect for Direct Auto Mall if they said that they hired him, didn’t know about the restriction, but was trying to help someone whose business failed and who was looking for a job. Instead they validate the stereotypical profile of an auto dealer – liars.

  2. brat says:

    He was hired under contract so he didn’t hafta show ID. This CROOK knows all the angles. The problem is the the Commonwealth has no real lawyers running this state so they keeps letting POS like this guy go. Darryl Rivernider of Auburn was caught bilking hundreds of people and he was allowed to leave the state. He was busted in Fla. doing the same thing. The DA in FLA wanted to know “Why I am the first one to prosecute ethis guy when he has done this before?”.

  3. Cynic says:

    Well if he has to make a living why not Manpower or Labor Ready?

    1. John Adelman says:

      That would be too much like work with little pay. His selling cars twice and delivering them once is much more lucrative. I’m pretty sure this is a former Bob Brest guy who may have even received floor planning from Brest’s organization.

      What his stole on one deal would be more than he would make in 18 months as occasional labor with Manpower or Labor Ready. To date there have been no consequences with his actions. Surrender on Parole Violations would make sense; but there is an Assistant Chief of Probation who makes lost’s of Political Donations in the Probation Department of Salem District Court. Jason Barber’s name has appeared in the Boston Globe as contributing large sums and contributing to campaigns outside of his residential district. The Chief of Probation and her husband gave the appearance of IMPROPRIETY because of court appointed work going to the Probation Chiefs’ husband.

      With enough cash to the proper people, Mr. Wright will be selling cars again soon. Who turned Daniel E. Wright in for TAX EVASION. The IRS used to pay 10% recovery commissions for information to the successful collection of Federal Tax.

      Since the Governor doesn’t want to imprison “non-violent” offenders like drug dealers close to schools; and swindlers of old ladies, He still hasn’t been tried, this is pretrial administrative probation. I’m sure he just didn’t properly understand the rules; as he was a Ghost, not Mr. George E. Wright.

      Ghost from a Salem Court may have a successful defense to the restriction of the Judge. It will be interesting to watch.

      1. Cj says:

        Not fair to slander my friend there are names that are innocent of the charges you are waging ie bob Brest so if you seek justice please don’t accuse of what you know nothing about. Get a job.

  4. Cynic says:

    Look at his picture in Court….If you were in Hollywood making a Movie and you needed to cast a Sleeze used car salesman wouldn’t he be just what you needed?

  5. wntdudatagn says:

    That location on Rt. 114 is a magnet for shady car dealerships. I tried one.
    I consigned a truck there years ago, it was a different dealer at the same address.
    They sold it, with my plates attached, and wrote me a bogus check. The owner knew the game, and waited to pay me until the last minute. I had to get the cops involved, just to get my plates returned.

    Do not accept a post dated check from anybody! It resolves them of any criminal wrongdoing, as you just granted them credit. I learned that the hard way..

  6. GoodDtimesHAH says:

    I’m so sad that some rich lady lost her $60,000 car. Some people don’t make that in a year. Please lady…cry your crocodile tears somewhere else. I’m glad that car was sold. she didn’t need it…spoiled. Uck.
    I hope this guy gets an easy sentence.
    And hey, at least he’s not a Pro-Off

    Always for the bad guy!!! Yah!!

    Btw..I only give my Point Of View and don’t come back for responses since I don’t care wadda ya gadda say.

    1. Cynic says:

      GoodDtimesHAH… I have a deal for you… I have a nice 2010 Packard Clipper I’ll let go. Just give me 10 grand and take over the payments. Interested ? Give me a call at 1-800-Buzz off.

  7. jerry says:

    If your that stupid to get burned by a used car salesman shame on you . Granted he should not get away with this but miss high society should not be so nieve shame on her . But this guys really sleazzy maybe he should try and get a job with deval patrick or maybe senator scott brown he would fit in real nicely with them politicians .

  8. bumble3bee says:

    excuse me GoodDtimesHAH

    a crime is a crime.
    it shouldnt matter if the victim in a case is rich or poor
    and for you to say something like that is disgusting.
    and btw im sure her and her late husband worked hard
    for the money that was spent into that car maybe you would
    feel better if you made a good income.
    take a lesson and get off the couch!

  9. Cynic says:

    There was a Chevvy dealer in Weymoutj Landing a few years ago that kept selling a man with mental problems a series of increasingly expensive cars.
    What ever happened to them?
    This wasn’t a fly by night outfit. It was a Dealership that had been there for years.
    It’s just the Nature of the beast…..

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