BOSTON (AP) — The Boston Bruins are raising prices for season ticket renewals next season by an average of more than $4 per seat, per game.

Amy Latimer, senior vice president of sales and marketing, said Thursday some renewal prices will remain the same, while some season ticket holders will see a price increase ranging from $1 to $9 per seat, per game.

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Latimer said the team has largely held the line on season ticket prices the past couple of years and the increases are based largely on demand and team performance. The Bruins have made the playoffs the last three seasons.

Under the new pricing plan, loge seat prices will range from $65 to $110 per game. Balcony seats will range from $25 to $69 per game.

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Comments (3)
  1. Franz says:

    Maybe they should wait until they win more than one round in the playoffs?

  2. Stephen says:

    Fans need to stop attending games so that ownership will do what is right and lower tix prices and sell the garden out everynight. It would also be nice if the team would actually make a cup final first. The Jacobs at their best.

  3. Eric says:

    I totally agree with Stephen. Bruins fans should boycott this team unless or until the Jacobs sell the team.. These owners have been. These owners have been playing on the good will of Bruins fans for decades, and they are clearly not championship driven. The Bruins are the opposite of the Celtics. These owners clearly could not care less just as long as the money keeps coming in. This is clear with the Kaberle trade which will probably help them win another round in the playoffs, but not make them serious cup contenders. Meanwhile they’ve traded away two 1st round picks….All Championship teams…especially those with multiple cup aspirations are built through the draft. The Bruins are the ultimate pretenders.. In fact they likely prefer not to win the Stanley cup because they would have to pay out millions of $$$ in bonuses to the players if they won…rather they want to get to the finals and lose…There is an interview with Phil Esposito on this topic here:

    Fans should visit:

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