By David Wade, WBZ-TVBy David Wade

BOSTON (CBS) — If you drive, walk or run along the Charles River you have seen the behemoth cranes near the Boston Community Boating boathouse. Workers have been putting in brand new docks made of fancy Brazilian wood.

It’s a $2.7 million project.

While the project is being paid for with your tax dollars through the DCR and has had little impact on the Community Boating program’s budget, it did make one of our viewers curious if it was the reason why Community Boating was raising its fees.

WBZ-TV’s David Wade reports.

The Executive Director Charlie Zechel said the program is raising the fees of its Juniors’ program from $1 to $100 to $200 for many families.

Zechel said the program simply needs more money because it has gotten so big. There are 2,300 kids in the program. He says charging them $1 wasn’t cutting it.

So, now there will be a sliding scale. Families that make $75,000 will have to pay $100. Families that make $95,000 will have to pay $200.

He also claims this will all be based on the honor system.

The docks open up April 1.

Comments (15)
  1. Cynic says:

    I am really torn up with grief for the poor people that make only $95,000.00 being forced to pay their own way. Incidently Community Boating is a great program.

  2. edwal says:

    so how much does the director of this non profit make

    1. cynic says:

      edwal…I have no idea but obviously he does a great job.

    2. Adam Schepp - Board Member CBI says:

      All non-profit financial information in MA is public, including the pay of the top 5 employees.

      The Executive Director was piad $76,000 in 2009.

      1. Cynic says:

        The Director of ANYTHING in Mass. being paid only $76,000.00? That is a well run organization.

  3. Adam Schepp - Board Member CBI says:

    While it’s left out of the article those making under $75,000 as well as anyone else who submits a request stating why they are unable to afford the amount related to their income will still pay $1.

    1. David Wade says:

      Hello Adam. Thanks for that info. It was in the television story. Best of luck this Spring/Summer.

      1. Adam Schepp says:

        Thanks for coming by! I hope you’ll be able to join us in the spring for our dock opening celebration with the DCR.

  4. Mari Anne Snow says:

    This spot only talked about the kids program….CBI also has an Access Sailing program for sailors with an sort of handicap. That program is so successful it will be doubling in size next summer. Price for those members: $1.

  5. Jack says:

    I’m Curious why the WBZ 4 video link states it’s going to cost 99 to 200 dollars from a dollar?.

    It’s still going to cost a dollar to any family making 75K a year and under. One of the best bargains and programs in the world. They also are going to expand the Junior program from the 8 week monday-friday 9am-3pm program but I didn’t see that mentioned in the piece unless it was edited for time. The Junior Program is going to be expanded for the entire season from what I read in Charlie Z’s blog.

    CBI Lifetime member # 15 since 1979

    1. Jeffrey Bresnahan says:

      I was a Community Boating Kid. If it did not cost a Dollar I would have not been able to learn how to sail. I make my living in Sailing the Industry. I think that the aspect of this that Communtiy Boating is missing is the cost. It is not the money, it is getting first generation Sailors on the water. Maybe their should be an exception for First generation Sailors?

      1. Stu Gilfillen says:

        Jeff, if a child can’t afford more than $1, they’re not being asked to pay more. Even at the high end (i.e. $200) I challenge you to find an activity that provide a strong a return on investment.

  6. Adam Schepp - Board Member CBI says:

    Learn more about the change here:

  7. John908 says:

    Very nice site!

  8. John956 says:

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