Curious Why Boston’s Community Boating Junior Fee Jumping $99

By David Wade, WBZ-TV
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Boston Community Boathouse

Boston Community Boathouse

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BOSTON (CBS) — If you drive, walk or run along the Charles River you have seen the behemoth cranes near the Boston Community Boating boathouse. Workers have been putting in brand new docks made of fancy Brazilian wood.

It’s a $2.7 million project.

While the project is being paid for with your tax dollars through the DCR and has had little impact on the Community Boating program’s budget, it did make one of our viewers curious if it was the reason why Community Boating was raising its fees.

WBZ-TV’s David Wade reports.

The Executive Director Charlie Zechel said the program is raising the fees of its Juniors’ program from $1 to $100 to $200 for many families.

Zechel said the program simply needs more money because it has gotten so big. There are 2,300 kids in the program. He says charging them $1 wasn’t cutting it.

So, now there will be a sliding scale. Families that make $75,000 will have to pay $100. Families that make $95,000 will have to pay $200.

He also claims this will all be based on the honor system.

The docks open up April 1.

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