A Blog by Gary LaPierre

     Sooooo……How’s your ride in the handbasket going today?   As brother Rick might put it……”good ‘n’ you?”    Oh by the way, before I forget it, today marks the start of week four (4)……count ’em…..four….. since I visited a Southern hospital emergency room for severe leg pain and as of today…..still haven’t met a doctor face-to-face.   Had an MRI done 9-days ago, but so far haven’t been able to meet up with anyone who can read it for me.   Silly me…maybe I’m just another impatient Northerner with two forms of medical insurance coverage who’s looking for a little something back for my premiums.     Enough whining Gary!

     Alright now….Back to the handbasket.   There’s  just so much turmoil going on in the world today, it’s tough to keep track of the players, but I remember from my days as a street reporter, we were often cautioned about reporting certain incidents (bomb threats for example) for fear it would touch off copy cat incidents.    Often it did.   Well look at what happened with all that coverage in Egypt. Next thing ya know… folks in Iran don’t like their dictator (he’ll survive) Bahrain wants its leaders gone, Iraq still isn’t happy, Algeria has had enough, Jordan’s King is mighty nervous right now, the bloodthirsty dictators who rule Syria are surely sleeping with one eye open.   I remember back in the “good ole days” when Ronald Reagan ordered the military to drop one into Moammar Gadhafi’s tent with the warning….”mess with us and we’ll do it again.”   That kept the Libyan dictator real quiet for a lot of years, but now he’s packin’ his belongings for a quick departure from his country…leaving behind a few machine gunners to kill more civilians on the way out the door.   And what’s in for us?    $4 a gallon for gasoline…..just for openers.

     And if we can’t relate to Egypt, Algeria, Bahrain, Iran and Libya…what’s next……Madison, Wisconsin?   As the lady from Alaska often said…..”you betcha.”    The unrest in the middle east is toppling regimes left and right…..and trust me, the unrest in Wisconsin is far from over and I promise, will spread like wildfire to many other states.

     And don’t you love the way the Senate Democrats handled the pressure in Madison?    Yup, they packed their bags and went to Illinois.   That’s what we like, real stand-up politicians ready for a healthy debate.    You betcha!!


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